This device allows to interdict others (pull who out-of frame-shift/fast-travel). To carry out this download the module, climate fly behind who (within 20Ls) and fire it prefer a weapon. If every goes fine then you have to be in a sort-of mini-game, whereby you should keep her crosshair ~ above the ship, to fill up the blue-bar. If done rwcchristchurchappeal.comrrectly you should interdict them. Come avoid damages make certain you to the right an suitable class interdictor (class 2 because that Vipers, course 3 because that Asp"s etc.)

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Class 1
1E12,000cr+1.3t-0.14mw where to buy
1D36,000cr+0.5t-0.18mw whereby to buy
1C108,000cr+1.3t-0.23mw where to buy
1B324,000cr+2.0t-0.28mw where to buy
1A972,000cr+1.3t-0.32mw whereby to buy
Class 2
2E33,600cr+2.5t-0.17mw whereby to buy
2D100,800cr+1.0t-0.22mw whereby to buy
2C302,400cr+2.5t-0.28mw wherein to buy
2B907,200cr+4.0t-0.34mw where to buy
2A2,721,600cr+2.5t-0.39mw wherein to buy
Class 3
3E94,080cr+5.0t-0.20mw whereby to buy
3D282,240cr+2.0t-0.27mw wherein to buy
3C846,720cr+5.0t-0.34mw whereby to buy
3B2,540,160cr+8.0t-0.41mw where to buy
3A7,620,480cr+5.0t-0.48mw wherein to buy
Class 4
4E263,424cr+10.0t-0.25mw whereby to buy
4D790,272cr+4.0t-0.33mw whereby to buy
4C2,370,816cr+10.0t-0.41mw where to buy
4B7,112,448cr+16.0t-0.49mw where to buy
4A21,337,344cr+10.0t-0.57mw whereby to buy
DMG = damage, DPS = damages per serwcchristchurchappeal.comnd, ROF = rate of fire, T. Pack = thermal load, P. Rate = Projectile speed, AP = armor piercing.« earlier to internal equipment


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