Electrical Wiring Residential – delivering the very latest in sector standards and procedures, longtime market leader electric WIRING RESIDENTIAL, 18e proceeds to provide comprehensive, classic coverage that totally implements the 2014 National electrical Code.

The book’s signature three-part organization thoroughly consists Code, electrical Knowledge, and also Applications. Very reader friendly, it offers detailed–but not overly technical–explanations as it guides you step by action through the vital tasks and also responsibilities that confront today’s expert residential electricians in both new construction and also existing homes.

Vivid Illustrations are completely coordinated v the latest NEC regulations and carry out further clarity. In addition, foldout plans at the ago of the book give you hands-on practice applying Code requirements.

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About the Author

Ray C. Mullin is a former electrical instructor because that the Wisconsin schools of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education. Before his retirement, he served as district manager, local manager, regional vice president and also ultimately director technical liaison for a significant electrical manufacturer. He likewise served ~ above the national Fire defense Association (NFPA) password Making dashboard 4 that the National electrical Code (NEC). A previous journeyman and also supervisor because that residential, commercial and industrial installations, Mr. Mullin has taught electric apprentice and journeyman courses, performed numerous technical and code seminars, composed many write-ups for electrical trade publications and also consulted for electrical equipment manufacturers on legal issues. He is additionally a previous member of the Executive board of the Western ar of the international Association of electrical Inspectors and also a member that the academy of Electrical and also Electronic Engineers and NFPA, electrical Section. Mr. Mullin attended the college of Wisconsin, Milwaukee school of Engineering, and also Colorado State University.Phil Simmons is the founder of Simmons electrical Services, where he consults top top the National electrical Code (NEC) and also other codes. Mr. Simmons likewise writes, edits, illustrates and produces technological publications, and he previously listed plan testimonial of electrical construction documents and also inspection of complex electrical installations. In addition to developing training programs connected to electric codes and safety, he has actually presented top top these subjects at numerous seminars and also conferences for universities, the national Fire protection Association (NFPA), the global Association of electric Inspectors (IAEI), the U.S. Room of Defense and also private clients. The has likewise consulted on number of lawsuits involving electrical injury and also property damage and also is the author and illustrator of plenty of textbooks on electric topics. Mr.

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Simmons offer NFPA on password Making dashboard 5 that the NEC Committee (grounding and also bonding), and also he formerly served on several various other Code making Panels, the NFPA standards Council, the NEC technological Correlating Committee, the IAEI and Underwriters Laboratories. He is a retirement member the the global Brotherhood of electrical Workers.