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‘Eddy is a No-Neck Chump’

The insult is created in blue permanent marker. The must have been written simply today. Ns think this is the very first time we ever see graffiti in the school. Due to the fact that of this action we deserve to infer that there are other students who don’t care around school.

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The writer of this no is never ever revealed. Many theories have gone around framing the Kanker’s. Personally, i don’t think it was them. It’s much more important to note that the Eds space outcasted through not simply the cul-de-sac kids. Clearly, various other members the the institution don’t favor them. That states a lot. It’s up to dispute whether the cul-de-sac children or the Eds us have destroyed their own reputation. I’m willing to bet both.

Don’t you find it interesting how the cul-de-sac children never seem to interact with everyone else outside their own group? Edd cares around his reputation, just in prior of the teachers. That doesn’t care about the various other students. That isn’t fond the the in group which he states later in the episode.

Eddy’s load isn’t brought up as well often. Eddy only has troubles with his stature. He’s never complained about his load before. He’s the most husky the end of the characters. Edd constantly reflects off his stomach. Plainly he’s proud that it. Or is he?

Which walk Eddy hate about himself the most? inside or Outer? that goes a complete length to change his external appearance constantly in the episode. The even transforms his sexuality! climate again, it’s more inner since he wants world to prefer who he is.


A livid Eddy kicks Ed offscreen in order to release his anger.

Many fans don’t prefer that Eddy abuses his friends. That’s miscellaneous Eddy picked up native Bro. And he knows the it’s wrong. He has no choice but to go together with it seeing how Bro constantly got his way.

Little Eddy would always hang roughly in his brothers shadow. He’d watch his brother actions. I have a headcanon the Bro had two friend of his own. His friends to be always against his actions. One friend even walked out on him. I have the right to see Eddy automatically recalling the memory when Edd abandoned them because that a short time in huge Picture Show.

Eddy knows his friends deserve better. He constantly fears as soon as they’ll uncover out his mask. Eddy’s emotions to speak it all as soon as he lastly has come tell the fact in the movie.


Eddy answers think it’s someone out to destroy his an excellent name.


Edd tells Eddy to obtain real. No really, but sort of.

“This is in no means a higher scheme to destroy your reputation!”

Ugh, excuse me? as soon as someone’s surname is created on the wall surface in one offensive way like this then it’s type of likely. What does Edd think of this whole situation?

Yes, that is the true Eddy coming v the mask. Out of his friends, Eddy believes that Edd will be on his side and assist him out. Instead, the precise opposite happens.


What’s Ed doing? ns love his small background moments.

He’s adding in a touch that comedy come a severe scene the feels turn off from the normal tone of Ed, Edd, Eddy. The friends have actually been put against one another.


Wow, look at at that snarky face.

Is Edd trying, allow alone aware, that he’s trying to finish his friendship with Eddy? Is the at every guilty or involved realize his negative actions and remarks transparent this episode.

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There is a turned off scene. I won’t phone call you once though. But, there is a turned off scene to pick an Ed.