Ed, Edd n Eddy: cheat of the Century soundtrack - “Title/Credits” (optional)Happy Halloween, watchers. This is Austin v the second of two Halloween one-of-a-kind reviews I have planned because that October of 2019. In this an initial review, we’ll be turning to a Halloween special from among Cartoon Network’s longest-running program -- another one that isn’t commonly linked with scares or the favor -- Ed, Edd n Eddy!
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I’ve explained this before, yet just in instance there’s any type of confusion, Ed, Edd n Eddy is an award-winning, slice-of-life comedy the revolves around three adolescent guys -- Ed, double D, and Eddy -- as it chronicles the trio do the efforts to scam the children in your cul-de-sac out of their allowances, v their endeavors often backfiring on castle in one part way. Created by Danny Antonucci, this classic Cartoon Network program very first got exit on January 4, 1999, and with six seasons, 4 specials and a TV movie under its title, ran till its conclusion ~ above November 8, 2009. During its practically 11-year-long run, Ed, Edd n Eddy has become one the the many iconic and also beloved Cartoon Network programs amongst many (including me), and remains among the network’s longest-running franchises.

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For those who know me well, ns still have a many love and intrigue for this cartoon, having actually done coverage ~ above its finale movie in December 2017, and my Ed-Athon countdown last winter, so I’m no stranger to reviewing this cartoon’s content; however, I’ve however to carry out one on any kind of of the four specials (as I concentrated on the conventional episodes because that my Ed-Athon celebration). So, I believed I would fix that by covering one of my favorite holiday specials indigenous the program.


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For today’s review, we’ll be taking a look at the 3rd Ed, Edd n Eddy one-of-a-kind to have been released -- Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw. For this cartoon’s Halloween special, Eddy mirrors Ed and double D a map he got from his brother bring about a recognized as Spook-e-Ville, and he orders them to come with him for substantial candy prospects. However, your endeavors grow an ext impeded as Ed, who spent lot of the work watching horror movies, begins behaving abnormally and sees everyone as monsters.

This spooky skit is among the 3 episodes to have actually been released as holiday specials because that the franchise, having been produced ago in 2005, and it was released shortly prior to the fifth season began, premiering on October 28, 2005. Follow to Danny Antonucci throughout an interview in the best Day Edder marathon, this illustration was his absolute favorite to make.

For me, of all the Ed, Edd n Eddy holiday specials, this is the one I’ve looked front to the most for its corresponding holiday (not that i don’t choose the others; i do), and also I’ve constantly been drawn to the comedic and also fun however creepy and also twisted setup. So, how does this special stack up because that its holiday? Let’s take it a look in ~ this lover classic!

First, I desire to begin off v what appears to be the main concept present -- Ed’s delusions. Overall, I’m fairly impressed v the episode’s imagination with it; Ed’s overactive imagination and also love of science-fiction and horror. When Eddy and dual D were presented at institution in the special’s cold opening, Ed invested that time binge-watching horror movies -- so much so the his bedroom literally has actually hundreds the videotapes littered anywhere the place! This definitely makes effects on the other personalities afterwards, together he i do not care delusional and begins to mistaken the Kankers and Cul-de-Sac children with monsters, even lashing the end at them after he thinks a trio the witches (the Kankers) cast a jinx top top them.

This is quite fitting for Ed’s character. The the three Eds, Ed is the most simple-minded and also gullible member; he is the one most most likely to confuse the fantasies of sci-fi and also horror with reality, and also the Ed most most likely to interact in eccentric, dysfunctional habits that stir increase mischief. Take that and also mix it with his love because that the aforementioned genres, and also it’s yes, really brings the end a dreadful yet unique premise and conflict; Ed believing Halloween monsters coming to life creates a many disorder for the cast, and also it provides the frightening idea of part dangers linked with Ed’s simple-mindedness, creating some battle for the other Eds on your adventure come Spook-e-Ville. It’s certainly an innovative for a Halloween special.


In terms of atmosphere and also settings, this unique doesn’t disappoint. In addition to being collection during the night the Al Hallow’s night like many other Halloween specials, it also provides a range of eerie places to to the right the holiday theme. The Cul-de-Sac is lined with a big variety of classic Halloween decorations and other autumn-related attributes like a horn the plenty and harvested produce -- ideal choices for the safe and also fun emotion of celebrate the holiday in the neighborhood, and also reflecting the start of the Eds’ travels together Ed just starts come behave delusionally; similarly. The simplicity the the Cul-de-Sac’s Halloween decorations also serves a purpose in Eddy and dual D’s plot together they find for Spook-e-Ville, i beg your pardon I’ll explain an ext in a bit.

As the Eds development with exploring the ideas to Spook-e-Ville, the settings likewise grow a bit an ext ominous in presentation, with some locales consisting of a dark oak forest filled with an array of obstacles (like a long, small chasm) and some pretty spooky-looking imagery favor a full moon overhead and also a swamp-like area v some leafless trees and green water. These kinds of settings assist to reflect the growing problem with Ed’s delusions and the rising hazard level the the Eds keep acquiring into on your exploration; they also give the veteran EEnE fan I am part nostalgic vibes that the season four episode “An Ed in the Bush” when the trio ventured right into the woods.

I’ll acquire into some much more specific details v the episode’s aesthetics later, however for now, the setups in this unique are fairly alluring to view, and they provide fitting vibes because that the scenarios they’re in overall.


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Now let’s acquire into the character and also story writing. Similar to most of the other episodes in the cartoon, the Eds room the main personalities in this episode, through Ed showing up to be the major focus; given that, I’ll start off v the simple-minded oaf. Together I discussed earlier, Ed’s delusional thinking from binge-watching horror movies creates an interesting ide for a special, however how around Ed himself? transparent the special, he in reality acts pretty continuously with his main point character throughout the episode; his confound sci-fi with fact is a typical thing for him to perform (such as ago in his Curse of evil Tim scam in “It come From external Ed”), and also he’s crawl on looking out for his finest friends throughout their exploration (a characteristics he generally expresses), making that come off as in-character.

Conversely, Ed (or more specifically, his delusions) serves together the antagonistic force for this special; his behaviors get in the way of the Spook-e-Ville exploration at times, and they do produce some problems for the various other kids. Now, i did point this power out along with some that Ed’s more negative characteristics when ns analyzed him, yet I never ever said i hated how he behaved here; I even said it to be funny, and also it shows with examples including him telling Edd and Eddy come “act natural” as soon as the kids began to nearby in on them, and how cursed he was to his Lothar alter-ego, acting as a fierce viking bent on fighting “monsters” and also flaunting his strength (like a many the situations where he “defeats” among the kids).

While Ed’s demeanor may have actually been a little brutish, the still method well in helping Eddy and dual D gain to Spook-e-Ville -- helping them find some that the hints on the map, and even helping them out once Kevin confirmed up to pelt eggs at them, offering some endearment come his actions here. Plus, a most the fights that gets into are for this reason cartoonishly over-the-top the they remain comedic, helping to tone down the threat-level he may bring forth, and also helping him keep likeability in this episode.

Now let’s relocate onto ours other key leads -- Eddy and dual D. Throughout the special, Eddy and dual are taken on pretty repetitively to their usual selves. Double D serves as the map’s reader, deciphering the ideas laid out for the gang on your expedition. Like other situations when something’s amok through the gang, double D likewise shows problem for his friends’ well-being; in this case, he tries to factor with Eddy over Ed’s growing irrationality together they save trying to find for your destination, even saying they turn back to aid Ed snap out of the -- albeit gaining ignored every time. Likewise, he also behaves civilly towards the others, like trick-or-treating through Nazz because that a little bit, attempting to help Sarah and Plank ~ Ed thrashed them, and comforting Eddy once he obtained tricked on Halloween -- mirroring his faithfulness as a friend here.

Meanwhile, Eddy feels identified to find Spook-e-Ville and also get candy using the map his brother bestowed the -- akin to exactly how Eddy is greedy and also prioritizes personal gain for lot of the franchise’s duration, and also with his tendencies to go by his brother’s words. Lot like his usual self, he likewise dismisses Ed’s chaotic behavior and double D’s involves just to gain to Spook-e-Ville for candy, and as together he (kind of) gets his comeuppance in the end for having ignored the difficulties getting developed earlier. However, that does maintain likeability together he mostly simply wants to be able to have a good experience trick-or-treating at Spook-e-Ville through his finest buds, and also like Edd, ns honestly feeling sorry for him as soon as he acquired punked, giving viewers some reasons to relate through him.

And because that the overall story, it’s a pretty simple one, but that’s okay. It’s well-paced and filled with all type of fun twists and also turns top top the trip to Spook-e-Ville, and with Ed’s creative thinking running wild, it creates a the majority of drama and action to store things amazing throughout. That could’ve been just the journey to Spook-e-Ville, yet without Ed’s delusions, it’d more than likely not be together interesting; Ed’s Lothar persona certainly helped come spice increase the story, and some that the various other visuals, jokes and also scenes as we’ll see.

Besides the deranged Lothar though, the story has actually its own share that joys come offer, too -- together as how each of the clues popping up on the map have actually some sort of spooky vibes to them, choose the exit hearse having appeared virtually out the the holiday’s night -- suggested by exactly how even double D seemed surprised around it -- and the settings and jokes that follow suit. And also fitting with countless an Ed, Edd n Eddy episode, the main plot ends through the Eds’ mission backfiring ~ above them, making that fit into numerous of the other episodes. Typical, however still okay.


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I’ve currently talked around the episode’s general settings, however that’s only part of the special. In Ed’s numerous monstrous delusions, the team really saw town top top the creativity, and also these scenes space nothing if not tackled impressively. In the special, Ed notably entered these illusions whenever the noticed among the kids engaging in holiday-related affairs -- triggering one by making his eyes glow white v static (one that the images above when extended Ed). In mine findings, I discovered out this -- and one the the clips top top Ed’s TV display in the beginning -- to be clips indigenous A Nightmare on Elm Street, getting edited into the episode to mark transitions for Ed’s delusions. As a kid, those clips arriving in his eyes always stood the end for me (in a creepily good way), and also the truth they’re live-action makes them an ext memorable.

Meanwhile, the hallucinations themselves had fantastic dramatic presentation; castle all show up in layouts that harken ago to many classic horror movies caught on old video clip camera movie -- captured quite well through details like the fizzles of static and the clips adjusting to gain a appropriate role, making it feel prefer a horror film and also actually offering it part scare factor. Honestly, I’d feel much more secure if they to be featured utilizing the basic cinematography; I like that feeling in a Halloween special. The personalities -- Kankers and also kids -- also received fittingly dreadful and an innovative designs come resemble classic Halloween monsters the fit into the cartoon’s style -- varying from the Kankers showing up as witches who actors a curse on the Eds come Rolf and also Wilfred showing up as a cyclops and beastly warthog respectively.

The environments also fit the tones they provide too; the hallucinations room illuminated using mixtures the black, red and orange coloration and are filled through bleak landscapes, ceiling trees, big boulders, lightning, flames and even some skeletal remains. The colors and also plasmatic contents (fire and also lightning) supplied in these aid invoke senses that danger and unease -- installation in just how Ed typically fights in these. The tangible contents I discussed make the environments feel unsafe together well, with numerous of them oriented to form or encompass sharp, jagged edges, making this visions show up like haunted nightmares.

Most of this scenes additionally come v some amazing action-packed fights versus the monstrous illusions. My an individual favorite that the illusion fights is throughout Ed’s fight with Kevin together the headless horseman. It’s a pretty intense duel together Ed tries to gain himself and his friends away from Kevin together he pelts them through flaming jack-o-lanterns (really eggs). Not only does Ed control to knock that down through his own ammo, but he likewise impressively stopped Kevin’s horse (really his bike) making use of brute strength alone prior to tossing it prefer nothing. Plus, it was one wherein he was actually helping his friends from a problem, which helps.

Another thing to allude out is the music score that this special. Composed by Patric Caird, a long-time collaborator because that Ed, Edd n Eddy, the soundtrack fits the one-of-a-kind splendidly. While maintaining the leitmotif of the continual soundtracks, the special likewise has a variety of tracks that incorporate elements like horror and also impending doom (such as during the introduction), and the visibility of hazard and action (seen in Ed’s fights v the monsters in his imagination) and also some ideas of adventure and also anticipation (like during the Eds’ journey through the woods to Spook-e-Ville). The score help emphasize the tones every scene is walking for, and also it helps to do each scene more lively for viewing.

In terms of jokes, this illustration is chock-full the them. Courtesy the Ed’s hallucinations, plenty of of the ones right here are showcasings that cartoonish slapstick. If Ed may have gone too far at a few points, there room some elements that aid make these physical jokes tick -- ones like absurdity, cartoon invulnerability and also visibility. One instance of these facets coming up take place with his confrontation with Jimmy; after he shines his flashlight in ~ Ed, there’s a significant pause that Ed standing alert yet calm, then unexpectedly freaking the end after Jimmy’s deduction of his costume.

That pause aided to carry out a fun comparison to the point where he will to pulling a prevent sign the end of the ground and also pounded him through it. What room the odds of being able come yank a stop sign favor that? The unlikelihood helps add some absurdity come the joke; the same can likewise be stated for how it pipeline a perfect indentation the Jimmy’s head afterward, helping make it feel much less real and an ext comedic. This elements likewise popped up in various other instances choose Ed simply encasing Nazz in concrete throughout their kerfuffle, and with Ed simply beating plank v a small stick while reasoning it’s a tree trunk.

As for cartoon invulnerability, the comes into play towards the finish of the unique as the youngsters (except may be Nazz, who’s tho in concrete) show up roughed up however otherwise okay -- giving reasons to laugh at the kids’ misfortunes as Ed confronts them. An additional thing to keep in mind is the in several of these fights, the actual minute of Ed inflicting a punch is left obscure. This to be a subtle device (albeit not fully used) the helps few of the fights maintain funniness, leaving them as much as imagination.

Of course, there room some much more lighthearted jokes as well, courtesy mainly of our other main characters. Among the wisecracks and other verbal jokes include the step at the beginning (and a recurring running gag) whereby Eddy, Ed and also the other kids exhibit man over twin D’s bubonic pester costume (others reasoning it’s things prefer dental plaque or vomit), lot to twin D’s frustration (it’s likewise how I an initial learned around the plague as a kid!), and some deadpanned remarks from that every time Eddy dismisses his concerns for Ed. Eddy, on the various other hand, also came with some of his normal sarcastic remarks, and I did uncover his initial reaction to finding what he believed was Spook-e-Ville.

Additionally, there room some other cartoonish visuals present at many points in the episode -- such together Ed pulling out a beef steak to stop a vampiress Sarah rather than a wooden stake, and also the oaf later on looking right into medusa Nazz’s eyes and also believing the turned to stone -- even when he to be perfectly fine and just stand in location for a couple of seconds. XD They make for part extra funny tid-bits.

As for the animation, it definitely meets the zangy, cartoonishcaliber the the cartoon’s recognized for. The personalities express convincing and cartoonish activities -- whether it’s slapstick because that the services of laughs, or the fight scene in Ed’s hallucinations where characters make dramatic, more action-based activities as they act -- or even both like how some the the oaf’s fights rotate out. Characters’ expressions space handled fine here, too, such together Eddy’s at reaching the end of the map and also the points whereby Ed gains few of his horror-induced delusions assist to emphasize their feelings (and note the shift to a delusional fight with the latter).

There are a couple of issues present such together there appearing to be 3 Edds and also two Eddys in the ending’s fight cloud, but the computer animation remains remains otherwise consistent and also appealing to clock -- specifically in just how this was simply the 3rd episode to use the later digital animation, and also how it used the archaic footage scenery together I previously mentioned.

As for the episode’s ending, Ed’s hallucinations wore turn off after the escorted himself and also the other Eds to a deep hole, and it later on results in Eddy and double D obtaining pummeled through the youngsters wanting revenge. For me, this ending is the the very least enjoyable/most confound part; while that did come v a funny illusion of Ed seeing his friend frolicing in flowers, that didn’t feel fully justified to have actually the oaf acquire away it s okay while his friends take it the beating. While Eddy and double D go neglect gaining Ed assist (moreso Eddy), Ed was still the one who caused the most trouble to the kids; that didn’t feel clear for me to watch that.

I expect this would fit in the feeling Eddy and (to a lesser extent) double D refuse to call off the Spook-e-Ville search to gain Ed psychiatric aid, but that would be more fitting because that Eddy as twin D wanted to obtain Ed help. If the Eds’ comeuppance had actually been an ext evenly distributed, the would’ve assisted to smoothen out the gap this caused.

Additionally, if Ed’s delusions had ended after beginning the hole, shouldn’t have actually the resolve been more slowly-paced? It additionally feels weird just how it simply magically ended at the end, choose if one just flipped a switch to make him think of other things. Ns think that can be remedied just by having actually Ed begin to thrive out the his hallucinations earlier and also slowly get earlier to fact from there. It would aid to make the change from horror-induced behemoth to reasonable friend more clear.

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All points considered, I find Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Boo Haw Haw to be one more enjoyable Halloween special to look at into. I acquired thrilled around it once it first came out in 2005, and also I still enjoy watching it today. It has a unique and chilling concept for a Halloween special, as well as a fun and also well-paced pursuit to watch as the Eds shot to get a huge candy payload. Additionally, the special likewise comes a variety of funny jokes, a the majority of horror movie-esque visuals v fitting soundtracks to them, and also plenty the action-packed fights between Ed and also the monster in his mind.

Sure there may be a couple of issues current within the unique (like the few inconsistencies i talked about towards the end), but I still discover this together a good special nonetheless. I can see why Antonucci considers this among his favorites, and also for me, it’s a classical, fun and spooky Halloween special that ns recommend looking right into (on everyday Motion) at any time Halloween draws near.****************And that does it because that this review! So, what are your think on this Halloween special? Feel totally free to politely leave her thoughts in the comments below (flame and troll comments will not be tolerated).This is the final journal entry I had planned for relax this October; however, ns still have one more trick up mine sleeve come present prior to the month ends.What will certainly come increase next? remain tuned to uncover out! view you approximately!

The Ed, Edd n Eddy franchise was developed by Danny Antonucci and belongs to A.K.A. Cartoon, Turner ESTand Cartoon Network.

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