Laurie Abdois a licensed Hearing instrument Specialist offering comprehensive hearing evaluations and works with clients to uncover the best hearing solution to attain their hearing health and wellness goals.

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Emily Jensen is alicensed Doctorof Audiology with endure helping people accomplish healthy hearing. She specialization in theevaluation and non-medical treatment of listening loss and also has comprehensive training in listening evaluation and also rehabilitative audiology consisting of hearing tool dispensing and patient-centered counseling

Licensed audiologist, McKenna Walker,provides audiology services to every who look for her help andis a expert in her field. She can aid identify and treat her hearing requirements with the latest an innovation in hear aids and also devices.


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Ear, Nose and also Throat Consultants that Nevada offers an extensive hearing evaluations and also will occupational with you to find the hearing solution that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. The staff is trained in the latest technology and offers a complete an option of hearing aids and also devices native the peak manufacturers. Indigenous diagnosis to treatment, and through the life of her hearing instruments, we provide our patient the finest care in the industry.

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Southwest Office8840 W Sunset Rd Suite ALas Vegas, NV 89148

Green valley Office3195 Saint rose Parkway Suite #210Henderson, NV 89052

Northwest Office7040 acting Ranch RdLas Vegas, NV 89128

Hearing treatment services

Our services include the following:

comprehensive hearing testing and evaluationshearing assist sales – recent technologyhearing assist dispensing and also fittingshearing aid accessorieshearing help service consisting of cleaning, checks, maintenance and also repairshearing help batteriesassistive hear devices

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