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"U and Dat" is the second single native E-40"s album my Ghetto Report Card. The song features American singers T-Pain and also Kandi Burruss, and also it was produced by Lil Jon. A remix to be released in beforehand August v Juelz Santana, Snoop Dogg, and also Lil" Flip. It to be featured on an Amp"d cell phone commercial. Although the is thought about a West coastline hip hop song, the song"s beat structure incorporates common southern hip hop snares and also Lil Jon"s signature crunk synths and also whistles. The song peaked at #13 top top the U. S. Billboard hot 100, which remains E-40"s highest charting single as lead artist to date. The track is credited to have actually popularized the usage of T-Pain together a hook singer on hip hop tracks. The tune was certified platinum through the RIAA on march 31, 2016. An ext »

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Girl, i been shaking, sticking, and also moving tryin" to gain you and also that bootyTryin" to acquire to you and that bootyTryin" to get to you and that bootyGirl, ns been shaking and acting a cheat tryin" to acquire you and that monkeyTryin" to gain to you and also that monkeyTryin" to acquire to you and also that monkeyGirl, the simpin" (Simpin")I walk up in the club v a limpin" (limpin")God listen, what girlfriend gonna do with this pimpin"?What friend gonna carry out with this pimpin"?Girl, I"m a contact ya (call ya)Later on this evening or tomorrow ("morrow), currently followWhat you gonna carry out with this baller?What you gonna carry out with this baller?What you gonna do when I bending the block (bend the block)?Pull increase on that ass in a brand new drop (brand new drop)?Speakers ~ above blast v tremendous punch ("mendous knock)?TV"s in the dash, rims simply won"t stopYou have to be down v a pimp prefer meI ain"t transforming down nothing yet my collar, girlfriend seeI"m a leaving you with my number; you should holler in ~ me"Cause I"m a baller; can"t no one hustle harder 보다 me, ohOh, her ass is rightI ain"t tryin" to let the pass me tonightI"m a placed my bid in and also tell friend something slickWhisper in her ear while I"m holding my dickI don"t median no harm, it"s the hood in me (hood in me)Sipping on that Renshaw Hennessy (Hennessy)Psychedelic color in my jewelry (jewelry)Suckers hella jealousy "cause girlfriend digging me, ohNow what you gonna do, mama?I"m tryin" come dip later on on, me and also you, mamaI favor the method that girlfriend groove and you move, mamaYou recognize the females love me; I"m the forty water (forty water)Popping my P"s "cause I"m laced through gameNothin" however the Yay flowing through my veinShe wear miss out on Sixty, can"t to the right in the Gucci"Cause her ass big enough to sit a cup on she booty (goodness!)Yeah, I view you looking (looking)But my ass in these jeans obtained you shook, and (shook, and)I don"t think you recognize what to perform with this pussyWhat girlfriend gonna execute with this pussy?Yeah, I understand you desire this (want this)Tryin" to follow me through the club for this an excellent shit (good shit)But ns don"t think you have the right to handle this pussyWhat friend gonna execute with this pussy?You looking favor you got that good gooshy, gooshyFucking "round v me, ns beat the brakes off that pussyHave her ass cumming like a erotic star movieTell her friends, and I gambling they all wanna carry out meHos know me, I"m E-Fo-Oh (E-Fo-Oh)They identify pimping once I action in the door (step in the door)Higher 보다 a satellite full of the dro (full of the dro)Holla in ~ a playa once you prepared to go, oh

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E-40 Earl Stevens (born November 15, 1967) better known by his phase name E-40, is one American rapper, entrepreneur, and also investor from Vallejo, California. That is a member of the rap group The Click, and also the founder of sick Wid that Records. He has released over ten albums, appeared on plenty of movie soundtracks, and has also done guest appearances top top a host of other rap albums. At first an secret artist, his 1995 solo album In a significant Way opened up him as much as a more comprehensive audience. Beginning in 1998, he began collaborating with an ext mainstream rappers exterior of the just Area.

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He increased to even greater mainstream popular in 2006 with his single Tell Me when to walk which was produced by Lil Jon. An ext »