This side pursuit is activated from a contact that Crane will receive when returning from the Harran Dam after completing the strength to the human being side quest. Go to the place significant on the map and you"ll involved a huge warehouses the is fence in by a wall. Discover a hole in outside wall surface to get into the area. Crane will contact the boy when he gets through the wall.

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O uncover the boys

Once the is down, Crane will contact out because that the boys and also they will be disappointed that Crane won. They will certainly tell Crane the is locked in the warehouse. Take the key from the human body of the demolisher. The kids will hear that Crane has discovered the key to gain out the the warehouse and also they will haul ass. Crane have the right to investigate the dead body in the room that the demolisher broke out of. You"ll uncover a missing human being – ID on among them. Unlock the door in the room. Over there are numerous bags come loot in the following room.

Climb the ladder. Open up the chest up ahead then look increase on the wall to the left of the chest to view some steel beams follow me the wall. Rise up them to reach the top of the warehouse. Crane will pull up to where the children were. Loot the whole area of every the goodies. Crane will discover the AK paint Job in a toolbox follow me the wall. Uncover the ladder top top the other side that the optimal floor climate climb the end from that side the the rooftop.

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Reward: 10000 XP, 250 to trust Points
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