A Tennessee boy with a dream of becoming a nation artist isn’t the uncommon, actually making it is.

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Dustin Lynch is among the couple of that did.

“Weirdly sufficient it’s all I deserve to remember ever wanting to do,” stated Dustin Lynch, the rising country star opening for Luke Bryan on his current tour. “My mom said one year I want to be a Ninja Turtle and also the following year Garth Brooks. I moved to Nashville once I to be 18 and was going to college there, so I had a bit of a buffer.”

Lynch to be looking to come to be a surgeon once he chose to take it a opportunity on a music career.

“I love a an excellent challenge,” the said. “I gotta say, it was a ‘what if’ decision. I gave it a legit shoot after college.”

That shot paid off. Ideal out of the door Lynch’s self-titled album debuted in ~ No. 1 top top the Billboard Top country Albums chart. “Cowboys and also Angels,” the first single turn off the album struck a chord v fans, ending up being a platinum-selling single and named as among Billboard’s height 5 nation Songs that 2012.

Lynch has since made significant strides in his career, through a non-stop touring schedule that contains sharing the phase with major country acts favor Keith Urban and also Luke Bryan.

“It’s fun to be approximately guys who’ve been doing this because that so long and who’ve been in my shoes,” that said. “They gain where ns at.”

It’s likewise been one invaluable learning experience for Lynch.

“It’s possible if ns work hard enough and get lucky enough,” Lynch said. “I’ve learned so lot as an entertainer and singer. I have become an ext confident and comfortable on stage.”

From touring to a brand-new album ~ above the horizon, Lynch is acquisition full advantage of the avenues that have come his way.

“I want to keep building my fan base and better myself,” he said. “The an essential is growing and also not becoming content and to an obstacle (myself). 2016 is a blank page a far as my 3rd album goes. It’s gonna be something i live v for a few years, so it’s a small intimidating.”

Right now, Lynch has been living v his most recent album, “Where it’s At” for the past couple of years. The album’s very first single “Where It’s at (Yep, Yep)” struggle platinum status when it to be released in 2014. “Mind Reader” is his current and also third single off the album.

Lynch newly wrapped increase his own “Hell the a Night” tour, took a quick break and headed back on the road with Luke Bryan because that his 2016 national tour. Racking up so much mileage, Lynch has seen the perks and also challenges of being of the roadway so much.

Although he find it a challenge staying healthy, absent out on family time is always in the ago of his mind.

“Luckily, I’m solitary and don’t have any kind of kids,” Lynch said, since he knows that’s miscellaneous his bandmates who have actually kids and also families battle with.

For Lynch, though, the good far outweighs the bad.

“This is one point I’ll never acquire used to: people singing back,” the said. “It’s neat to recognize that world have heard the song and also are takin’ the moment to discover it.”

Kicking off the sold out tour protect against on Tuesday in ~ the Pan American center in las Cruces, Lynch is passionate to return to new Mexico — a state wherein he has acquired a loyal fan base — to perform for his fans and garner a couple of more.

“I brag around our fan basic (in brand-new Mexico),” Lynch said. “New Mexico has constantly been a large supporter of what i do. We constantly have a an excellent turn out. Being first outta the gate, it’s my task to get the group fired up. Ns encourage anyone to come the end early and have a an excellent time.”

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IF you GO

What: Luke Bryan’s death the Lights tour feat. Dustin Lynch

When: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Pan American Center, 1810 E. University Ave., in ras Cruces

Cost: marketed OUT

Info: www.lukebryan.com or www.dustinlynchmusic.com


After spending loss 2015 ~ above tour through Luke Bryan and again this year, is a collab in the functions for your next album?

Lynch: That would certainly be awesome. I haven’t thought that far ahead. We’ve written with each other before, though.

Inevitably, there space going come be some first-time concertgoers during the tour. What was your first major concert?

Lynch: My very first major concert to be at the (Nashville Municipal Auditorium). I was 16 year old and also it to be Incubus (my favourite band), the Morning view Sessions tour. I was former row, balcony. It was awesome! ns knew every song. Ns head banged so tough my head hurt for 2 weeks. 

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