Long story short, I constructed this computer system to game, the just thing I"ve obtained installed is battle thunder.. However I can"t complete a video game without it "blue screening"I"m not massively pc literate, so be gentle with me..I did some googling and also figured out how to enter "events" and see if the sheds any kind of light..

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Anyway, once it"s blue screened it"s storing 2 events,Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child maker (5)

Then the exact same again through (1) ~ above the end... I really don"t know what to do! What does the mean??

Thanks chaps.


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6 years ago

reinstall your graphics drivers

submitter6 years ago

From the disc? It"s a radeon 390 if it makes any difference

submitter6 years ago

I downloaded AMD auto finding which states I have actually the latest driver?

submitter6 years ago

"Memory management " comes up top top the blue screen....if that means anything??I ran home windows memory diagnostic tool yet no troubles were found..:(


6 year ago

Try to run memtest86. Make certain you offer it a great 24 come 48 hours to test, though. If there is even ONE error, there"s miscellaneous wrong v the RAM.

6 years ago

never native the disc. Always from the amd net site.

6 years ago

In the link listed below the guy has actually the very same issue, the tried uninstalling all graphic card drivers & also sound drivers and also then reinstalled but the trouble still persisted, it might be a negative card together the event log he post looked come be poor memory. I"d look into having actually AMD RMA you a new 390.


submitter6 year ago

Thanks because that the reply.Is ACPI driver exact same as PCI driver? Mine claimed ACPI?

to it is in fair it"s only been built one day, an excellent it it is in the game?? I"ve viewed stories of human being having blue screen worries with war thunder yet nothing else..I simply begrudge downloading an additional game if it"ll be the same.. Lol.

Like i said, the doesn"t follow any pattern it just happens at arbitrarily points in the game..

Sigh. Lol

submitter6 years ago

* upgrade after a long night *

... A lengthy sleepless night.. Haha.

So, i went on come Asrock"s website ( z170 pro4) and also downloaded the drivers and BIOS from your website. The bios had actually an update, v1.1 come v2.0. Over there was part Intel graphics vehicle drivers too that ns didn"t appear to have installed either, USB chauffeurs etc. . ( come be ethical I don"t understand what fifty percent of them to be for, however they were for my mobo ).

On very first boot among the fans appeared to go full blast because that a few seconds, no something it"s excellent before. .. Yet then playing war thunder after this updates I managed to clock up an hour and half consecutive game time, no bsod. Ns couldn"t obtain thru a match before hand. The was beforehand so I had to turn off and get part rest...

Question IS... Could this now really be sorted?? "Memory management " bsod might have been brought about by old bios/drivers on a brand-new system build??

Fingers crossed....

6 years ago

An old BIOS retained my new build from posting. For this reason yeah, things deserve to happen. Appears you obtained it sorted, great luck.

6 year ago

yes, the bios upgrade may have actually solved her issue. The problem with your concern is that us dont know what machine 5 or device 1 room without doing more research on your system, however i had actually assumed gpu chauffeurs as the was most likely... It could have conveniently been the intel gpu vehicle drivers or one of plenty of other issues that the bios update could have fixed...for now, store an eye on that a few days and also see what happens, but use it like normal to watch if any other concerns pop up.

6 year ago

Z170 boards room brand brand-new and your BIOS" are obtaining updated constantly, they can of to be having worries with your lamb or GPU etc. Simply keep up on her updates on the BIOS and also drivers and also hopefully you will certainly be ok, happy it"s working for you.

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