. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - as the company day came to a nearby Tuesday, the doors shut for the last time at one Myrtle coast oceanfront resort.

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As that midnight Wednesday, Driftwood in ~ the Boardwalk employees claimed the home turned end to new ownership.

The brand-new owner is to plan for every three buildings on the home to at some point be take it down. In your place, a 26-story high increase will it is in built.

The proposed resort is being dubbed Ocean 16 in that is early theoretical stage. Together its name would certainly suggest, the property is right at the intersection that 16th avenue North and also Ocean Boulevard, where each of the Driftwood buildings at this time stand.

This project would basically revamp much of the city block it will be built within.

Across the street is a currently empty lot offered for parking between Withers Drive and also Ocean Boulevard. A preview facility is planned for human being interested in the brand-new units.

Across 16th path North, a large five-story parking garage will be built.

A man who determined himself as an employee the Driftwood in ~ the Boardwalk under its previous ownership claimed the owner surprised the staff in January by announcing the resort had actually been sold. He claimed he"s fielded calls from households looking to publication a room this summer, however has had actually to tell castle the news.

The employee said he is worried about Myrtle Beach"s transitioning landscape, whereby the mom-and-pop locations seem to keep selling for demolition, bring about the oceanfront to lose its charm and affordability.

"Well, the sad part are the family members that have depended upon this form of residential or commercial property that do not prefer the high rises," he said. "And I"m excited about a brand-new venture and a new landscape. But the disappointing part is for the households to discover a nice property on the ocean that is affordable."

The Driftwood isn"t going anywhere right away. The employee stated he was under the impression that the rooms will be rented the end to J1 students with the 2016 traveler season.

The on purpose of the developers is to create a really pedestrian-friendly, urban vibe to the whole block. The task includes structure a pedestrian greenway native Chapin Park, which is experience its own renovation, all the means to a new park next to the high rise.

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The architecture team stated it"s goal to be to create a pedestrian familiar greenway connecting majesties Highway, Chapin Park all the method to the beach and also make that safe and also easy for people to it is in outside. The street corners will have plazas, benches, and areas for human being to sit and also stop, giving an metropolitan feel come the small slice the downtown.

:It"s miscellaneous modern, miscellaneous new," claimed David Sebok, chairman of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation. "It"ll develop density, more density closer come the downtown, i m sorry is great for downtown businesses."