I've recently picked up DQ8 because that the 3DS, and also I'm eager to acquire into it. But when ns asked around, I've had people tell me I need to be careful around how ns skill human being up?

Can anyone introduce some type of guide to follow? i don't want to make postgame unbeatable when I ultimately get to it.

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Cheers lads!


Basically by end game you have the right to farm for ability points, therefore there's no require to worry too lot on what come allocate. That is typically recommended come be certain to emphasis at the begin on 2-3 skill areas (don't spread out it out on every 5).

I'll perform the major stuff that ns aimed for based upon what i've viewed (turned out fine for me, perfect the game and also cleared the extra ingredient too). With the extra point out you have the right to put them in where ever you please.



Focus ~ above spears an initial (59 points), this will assist with agriculture exp details monsters (metal slimes)

Then divide your points to acquire 90 courage / 52 swords, you deserve to max courage if girlfriend want

After that go for whatever you like


Max for axes and whatever you like, he's basically ideal with axes as he can also aid with exp farming. Scythes space for stealing (but generally stealing is hard in this game), clubs isn't needed and also humanity is so-so.

Female personality 1:

Staff need to be max and also at the very least 18 need to be put into sex very nice (for the opportunity to skip enemies' turns), honestly ns went and also maxed it. Later on you should aim for 100 in fisticuffs as the final skill is beneficial for the bonus dungeon.

She is greatly support therefore whip an abilities and knives not really offered (though the 100 knife skill can be solid if friend pump her up with strength seeds)

Male character 3:

Aim to max staff, you deserve to choose between him utilizing bows or swords (i went v bows together i focused him ~ above support).

If swords go for 40/52 (if girlfriend want an ext crits), whilst bows aim for 66

You have the right to go because that 13 in charisma for bosses that stress up (though there isn't many save the endgame dungeon)

New personality 1: (Gotten with Arena S location clear)

Go for 68 in their particular passive (mine was enthusiasm i think)

Then target to max claws (the last skill is an extremely powerful)

Return ago to passion and also get 88 because that resurrect skill

Then target to get 93 in clubs for one more exp capable farming member

New character 2: (Gotten with story)

I an initial went 66 in your passive for opportunity for extra drops

Then aimed come max velvet (also another powerful skill here)

Then maxed fans, notable skills include a 0 mp multihit, resurrect and also a great aoe skill.


Fisticuffs can be useful for same personalities defensively (not that great as a attack tool, but good early game).

What ns did to be after getting the aforementioned an abilities i aimed for the Agility bonus stuff climate unequipped characters' weapons for the extra agility in battle, just re-equipping if they needed to attack.

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You must max it for Female character 1 definitely though and should aim for the dodge chance increase due to the fact that in the bonus dungeons girlfriend can obtain 1-shotted (unless you're lv 99) and mainly count on evade gear and also agility come act very first and avoiding being hit.