You’ll just see this quest if you’ve learnt the Buff-Buff Pep power (left), he tasks you v using the power versus a Night Clubber. (right)

Quest AcquisitionReward
Act II - Lonalulu, man in the tavern (Buff-Buff Pep strength required)Venus’ Tear

Head over to Lonalulu during Act II once you’ve learn the Buff-Buff Pep power usable between the Hero and also Jade. You’ll need to learn Unbridled blade from the Greatswords tree to acquire it (Jade comes v Puff-Puff currently learnt). Head to the tavern once you have actually the Pep power to uncover a guy overlooking the sea who desires you to defeat a Night Clubber v this ability.

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Sail west indigenous Lonalulu come Insula Incognita and head to the south east to find these pink monstrosities. As soon as you have the Hero and also Jade Pepped Up, enter into a fight with among them and also wait until it’s surname is in orange, you should deal the death blow v the skill (which will certainly hit for approximately 500 HP+). Return to the man adhering to your success and also report to him to complete the quest.



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An epic fight between Light and Darkness is around to start as the Luminary awakens on his 16th birthday. Join a diverse cast of characters as you traverse the human being of Erdrea top top a quest to uncover why you’ve been branded the Darkspawn and also the plenty of mysteries the the Luminary.

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The most complete guide because that Dragon quest XI: Echoes of one Elusive age features every there is come do and see in the people of Erdrea. A step-by-step walkthrough special every item, quest and side activity illustrated with gorgeous screenshots.

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