In 1975, a specific copywriter called David Ogilvy arisen the Don’t Leave house Without Them project for American express Traveller’s Cheques. Ads originally starred knife Malden, who was the challenge of American Express for 25 years. In the UK the frontman to be Alan Whicker.

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After knife Malden’s departure and also as the map was supported over the traveller’s cheques, American Express ongoing to usage celebrities, such together Mel Blanc and ballerina Cynthia Gregory. A typical ad for the American to express Card started with a celebrity asking viewers: “Do you know me?” back he/she gave hints to his/her identity, the star’s surname was never ever mentioned except as imprinted on an American express Card, after i beg your pardon announcer Peter thomas told viewers just how to use for it. Each ad concluded with the celebrity reminding viewers: “Don’t Leave residence Without It.” The “Don’t Leave residence Without It” slogan was revived in 2005 because that the prepaid American refer Travelers Cheque Card. (via wikipedia)

Roger Daltrey:

Jim Henson:
Seve Ballesteros
When David Ogilvy was asked around his work habits as a copywriter, he replied with this letter:
April 19, 1955 Dear Mr. Calt:On march 22nd you created to me asking for part notes on my work actions as a copywriter. They room appalling, as you are about to see:

1. I have never written an advertising in the office. Too plenty of interruptions. I perform all my creating at home.

2. I spend a long time researching the precedents. Ns look in ~ every advertising which has appeared for competing products during the past 20 years.

3. Ns am helpless without research study material—and the an ext “motivational” the better.

4. I write out a meaning of the problem and a statement of the function which ns wish the project to achieve. Then i go no additional until the statement and also its values have been embraced by the client.

5. Before actually creating the copy, I write down every concievable fact and also selling idea. Then I acquire them organized and relate them to research and also the copy platform.

6. Climate I compose the headline. As a issue of reality I try to compose 20 different headlines because that every advertisement. And also I never pick the final headline without asking the opinion that other world in the agency. In some situations I look for the help of the research department and get lock to carry out a split-run on a battery of headlines.

7. At this point I have the right to no longer postpone the really copy. So ns go home and sit under at my desk. I discover myself completely without ideas. I acquire bad-tempered. If my mam comes right into the room ns growl in ~ her. (This has acquired worse because I provided up smoking.)

8. Ns am terrified of creating a lousy advertisement. This reasons me to throw away the an initial 20 attempts.

9. If all else fails, i drink half a party of rum and also play a Handel oratorio on the gramophone. This normally produces one uncontrollable gush the copy.

10. The following morning I gain up early and also edit the gush.

11. Then ns take the train to brand-new York and also my secretary types a draft. (I can not type, i m sorry is really inconvenient.)

12. I am a lousy copywriter, yet I am a good editor. So ns go to work editing my very own draft. After four or 5 editings, that looks great enough to show to the client. If the client changes the copy, I get angry—because i took a most trouble creating it, and what I created I composed on purpose.

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Altogether the is a slow and laborious business. I understand that some copywriters have much better facility.