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Another gorgeously animated work-related from Ankama, and also a wonderful method to kick off their first feature length film! A company of animators and game designers, well-known mostly for their MMORPGs Dofus and Wakfu. They"re some of the most passionate men and also women in one of two people industry, and also have a substantial cult following.Dofus - book I: Julith speak the childhood story of grasp Joris Jurgen, the hero of the city the Bonta, it proceeds off of the Dofus: treasures of Kerubim animated collection and ties in with the Wakfu collection special episodes, yet does not require any type of pre-existing understanding of the franchise to appreciate. Whilst the animation, and the story is important wonderful. The speed of the film is a little bit strange, component of this is as result of the reality it"s a movie and also not a series. My best critiques would certainly be the finishing being rushed, and the wanton libido in between two of the personalities Khan and also Bakara, they"re a feeling duo, however I feeling it gets in the means of Joris" story and some that the good scenery done by the artists. Ns did prefer the characters, however I did feeling they substracted a bit much native our key protagonist. Regardless of the film being bright, and cutesy, make no mistake, this is not a film for youngsters in some countries. What passes in France, may not happen elsewhere, nudity is present, albeit no frontal, and also there is blood in relatively small amounts, so parents be advised.The voice acting and audio is height notch, the computer animation is smooth, brimming with detail and subtle movements. If you do not come for the story, characters or universe they inhabit, you"ll most most likely be charmed by the lovable characters, and beautiful arts by the finish of it. Wakfu and Dofus have constantly had few of the best computer animation in the industry, this is most certainly no different. The is however, appreciated much an ext when having actually been exposed come the Wakfu and Dofus series. So I would most definitely recommend watching those together well.Pros- Beautiful animation-Vibrant colors-Extreme quantities of detail-Wonderful voice acting and also soundtrack-A welcome addition of lore come the franchise- Every step is a feast for the eyes, even those the last simply a couple of seconds.Parental Warning- diversity of risque humor that may not be delighted in by some and also partial nudity-Blood and also violence, not very gory however.Cons-Pacing that the film to be spotty in some areas, but in its entirety enjoyable.-Ending step was relatively anti-climatic, overly happy moment comes at the price of preceeding a very emotional and also important one.-The subbed translate in misses out on details subtle piece of dialogue.

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The opening preamble that French text is no accompanied through English subs.Overall: 9/10It oozes through the love and passion I"ve come to expect from Ankama, and it reflects even much more with a truly devoted work of film. A perfect score is witheld from the cons ns felt can have been quickly avoided, yet it is quiet a truly good film.