One of the worst parts of the twin flame journey is that of separation. For some, it brings fear and uncertainty of things like false twin flame connections while others have no doubt they’ve met their true twin flame. There is one universal rule though – this phase is going to hurt. Emotionally, spiritually and sometimes even physically.

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During this phase, it’s perfectly normal to want to know if you’re alone in this or if the other person is going through the same struggle. So this is my guide on how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you and what to do about it.

Does My Twin Flame Miss Me?

Let’s tackle this one first of all as it’s one of the more common questions we get (in fact if you haven’t already read it I suggest reading my guide in twin flame stages understanding this is key).

I always loved this quote and I think it fits this stage of the twin flame journey very well:

The short answer here is – yes.

We’ve covered the twin flame runner’s feelings before but the important bit you need to understand is that they’re feeling the same thing as you are but the runner is generally not spiritually awakened enough to be able to process these feelings in the same way. Your twin flame misses you but is going to process that feeling in a different way.

Rather than wanting to run toward you, the runner’s instinct is telling them to run. You can spot the signs of them thinking of you, however (because I guarantee they are whether they want to admit it to themselves or not).

Signs Your Twin IS Thinking About You Now

Your twin flame journey is full of signs and symbols along your journey. Most you’ll never notice and they exist entirely for your subconscious but if you keep yourself alert and searching for them you’ll start to spot it happening around you. Your runner flame is experiencing the same signs – usually at the same time.

I’ve done a number of twin flame readings even recently where the chaser was experiencing a lot of these signs but hadn’t noticed until they were pointed out. Remember this kind of thing is actually happening before the two of you even physically meet. You’ve subconsciously become so used to them that it can be hard to notice until you start actively looking.

Energetic Aura

When your twin flame is missing you, you could feel a sense of energy going through you. You would feel this unexplainable feeling of immense energy and electromagnetic aura in your body. With this energy, you get the sudden urge to get out of your comfort zone and be more productive than usual whether it’s finding a new hobby or doing something you’ve never done before. Sometimes this means being more productive or working harder than usual.

A common trait in twin flame connections is the drive to team up and create together on shared goals. This happens more after the union stage but this energetic aura is a common sign that your flame is thinking of you during separation as well. This is certainly one they’ll experience and usually (but not always) they’ll experience it at the same time.

I’ve covered a specific post on twin flame silent treatment but people are generally surprised it can actually be a sign they are thinking about you. We’re in constant need of a connection whether we know it or not and we’re only satisfied in silence when we have that subconscious 5D telepathic connection.

Silence can be the strongest form of communication in itself. Sometimes, when both you and your twin flame share silence, it can also be a sign that they miss you. You already share the same soul, so you don’t need words to verbally get a point across to the other. One of the advantages of having a twin flame is that even without telling them, they probably already know. Sometimes they know you better than you do yourself. When they miss you or in moments that you consume their thoughts, they can just be silent about it.

Spiritual Connection

Part of the entire twin flame journey is that you both further each other spiritually. Other people (including soulmates and karmic partners) can contribute but there’s nothing quite like your twin flame for a spiritual connection.

There’s just a certain spiritual connection between that of twin flames that no matter how far they are from each other, even if they are miles apart, they sense the mood of the other. It’s as if there’s an invisible thread that ties these two souls to one another and when one misses the other, they feel this exact emotion even from miles away. Again, another beautiful aspect with that of a twin flame. There’s just a certain energy that you get to experience and feel when it’s regarding the emotions of your twin flame.

Your Passions Are Their Passion

This is similar to the energetic aura in your work. When your twin shares an interest and you randomly feel the urge to share that interest when apart it’s a strong sign they’re thinking of you and sharing that interest subconsciously.

When together, you can really confirm that they miss you or are thinking about you if they can’t stop talking about the things you’re passionate about and the things that make you happy, in general. Of course, why else would you talk about the other person’s passions if you aren’t thinking about them right at that precise moment? Sharing your passions with one another is also a sure sign on how to tell if your twin flame is thinking of you.

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In the end, these are just some signs your twin flame misses you. Generally, you’re going to feel it within yourself that they miss you since you share the same soul, It’s quite impossible that you don’t feel it whenever they experience any kind of emotion for that matter, whether they are missing you or are thinking about you, the universe somehow always makes a way for it to be known to you. After all, meeting your twin flame serves a certain purpose in this universe and that’s the reason you were brought together- to fulfill your destiny and your intended purpose in this world.

If you’re struggling to try and understand your twin flames feelings consider getting a twin flame reading: