In DnD 5e, the monk means of the Drunken understand is a fun, maneuverable martial artists who plays the fool. Bonus proficiencies with performance and also brewer’s supplies provides this character added flavor for duty playing. However, moves prefer the Drunken technique and Tipsy Sway market swift, clever combat skills to this monk’s repertoire.

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In Dungeons and also Dragons 5e, consider a monk method of the Drunken understand with this build:

Choose a funny race v high Dexterity/Wisdom: Learn straightforward monk abilities favor Ki, Unarmored Defense and also Martial ArtsUse means of the Drunken master moves/abilitiesGrow right into higher-level monk abilities

Choose a fun race v high Dexterity/Wisdom

Because this character is going come be funny in nature, I desire to select a race like halfling, lumber elf or goblin come capitalize top top Dexterity. As a general rule, my monk’s highest possible scores will certainly be Dexterity and Wisdom, but other traits come into play that I could utilize.


A halfling monk would benefit from a +2 Dexterity bonus and carry a few tricks up your sleeves. Lucky gives my halfling the ability to reroll a 1 from any kind of d20 check, i m sorry fits nicely v the chaotic nature the this monk class. Halfling Nimbleness can assist with mine maneuverability, offering me the choice to move through a space with a biology in it who is a size bigger than me.

Wood elves right this fun-loving personality, v an optimal +2 Dexterity/+1 Wisdom bonus because that kung fu. Despite my gyeongju abilities swing primarily about martial weapons and also stealth (2 things I’m really no using), my enhanced speed (35 ft) should come in handy. I’ll emphasis on a brief sword because that this character’s monk weapon.

Finally, a drunk goblin could be a chaotic mess, v a +2 Dexterity/+1 structure bonus. Rage of the tiny gives me bonus damage to an strike equal to mine level as soon as a day. Nimble Escape gives me a bonus activity to move or disengage, which could be amplified with this build.

Learn straightforward monk abilities choose Ki, Unarmored Defense and Martial Arts

My initial construct will incorporate monk essentials: a brief sword and proficiencies in Acrobatics and also Insight. Plus, I have actually the an option of a musical instrument, which should work well with my drunk performances.

My basic Martial Arts skill grants me a few abilities:

Use Dexterity together my damages modifier because that unarmed strikesRoll 1d4 because that unarmed strikesMake added unarmed win after attack with monk weapon

I’ll likewise gain Unarmored Defense, which renders my AC equal to 10 + Dexteirty modifier + Wisdom modifier as soon as I’m no wearing armor. Naturally, this should boost me well above an easy leather armors with high Wisdom and also Dexterity scores.

Then, Ki is introduced at level 2. Ki is the spiritual lifeforce monks tap into for their remarkable feats—a different sort of power than magic, but comparable in part ways. I use an lot of Ki points equal to mine monk level for these distinct feats. These Ki slots return ~ a lengthy rest. This abilities include:

Flurry the Blows: Gain one extra unarmed strike after assault equaling 3 total blowsPatient Defense: Take the Dodge activity as bonus activity on mine turn.Step of the Wind: Take Disengage or Dash activity as a bonus action

Unarmored Movement is another crucial ability I learn at level 2, giving me 10 more feet that speed when I’m no wearing armor. Already, i’m a high-flying tornado the kicks and also punches, and also I haven’t also reached drunken grasp status.

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Use means of the Drunken master moves/abilities

At level 3, ns come into my drunken glory and learn my first couple of means of the Drunken grasp abilities: Bonus Proficiencies and also Drunken Technique.

My 2 Bonus Proficiencies space in Performance and with Brewer’s Supplies. The performance angle comes from my seeming foolishness and gives me a charismatic charm. The brewer’s supplies proficiency is noticeable but might be used in creative ways throughout the campaign. Surely, much more booze is the answer to most problems.

Drunken Technique improves my Flurry that Blows, giving me the advantage of a Disengage activity and 10 extr feet that movement. Through this ability, I deserve to move through groups of enemies, striking enemies with chaotic speed and also moving away.

Level 6 gives my drunken master Tipsy Sway, i m sorry leans right into the loose, drunken nature of mine combat layout with this effects:

Leap to your Feet—5 feet the movement instead of ½ activity speed when obtaining up from at risk position.Redirect Attack—spend 1 ki allude to redirect attack to an additional enemy in ~ 5 feet.

I obtain Drunkard’s Luck in ~ level 11, effectively canceling out a disadvantage on one attack, saving, or skill examine roll. This capacity will most likely not come up an extremely often, but I think it could be surprisingly advantageous when the chance arises.

Finally, mine drunk fury peaks at level 17 v Intoxicated Frenzy. As soon as using Flurry that Blows, i can include 3 additional attacks versus different foes. This equals 5 total attacks.

Grow into higher-level monk abilities

As a straightforward class, monks have actually a totality list of distinct abilities. Mostly, this abilities will boost my physical kind and approve me immunities. This abilities have the right to be provided alongside mine drunken grasp abilities for a super-powered kung fu warrior.

Deflect Missiles: Level 3—reduce damage from ranged shot same to 1d10 + Dex mod + Monk level. If I minimize this damage to 0, i can record the arrow and throw it earlier for 1 ki point. The arrow is thrown through proficiency and counts as a monk weapon.Slow Fall: as a reaction, minimize fall damages equal come 5 time my monk level.Extra Attack: gain an extra assault on my turn. This should be beneficial with mine disengaging and also bonus moves.Stunning Strike: Level 5—Spend 1 ki suggest to force adversary to make Constitution conserving throw as soon as I attack with melee weapon. Top top a fail save, the target is stunned until the finish of my next turn. This is a monk favorite.Ki-Empowered Strikes: Level 6—My unarmed strikes count as magical, permitting me come hit adversaries with resistance or immune to nonmagical attacks.Evasion: Level 7—I can dodge the end of area of result abilities, acquisition 0 damages instead of fifty percent damage on effective saves.

Later monk abilities favor Purity that Body, Timeless Body and Empty Body all provide me uber physical traits. Plus, abilities choose Sun the the Tongue and also Moon leverage mine Wisdom to understand languages.

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To sum it Up

I’ll be structure a extremely mobile monk that sweeps with enemies and also hits foes in an virtually random fashion. This character is fun to play and blends with other classes well. Role playing a drunk guy deserve to be straightforward win for a great time.