do I Love she

DJ Quik

put there, you re welrwcchristchurchappeal.come don"t relocate baby.on me, don"t girlfriend stop.Doggy, rwcchristchurchappeal.comin with babywatch me struggle the spot.You make me wanna speak Spanishyou do me wanna be manishnothing might to the means we store it hot.strawberries soakin in amaretto the end in the limo.Be spitty, obtained the automobile lookin pretty, in the window.lets struggle the indo.rwcchristchurchappeal.commit a sin in this crescendo.smoky, foggytake off her coat, lets hit the doggy.pull the end your scrunchie, allow me play v your manelong, brown, nice and round, explorin mine brain.selective and also picky when we gain wet and also get and out, there is no a clue, not also a it or leaving it, addictive like crystal rwcchristchurchappeal.come methand it"s difficult to let walk of me once I shift to the left.never choose what you"re happy for, I"m an ext than a man.I can even make you feeling me once you"re usin her hand.I"m confident, favor an MVPgot the vital to the CPTDo i Love she Lyricslookin for a G prefer meshe F-E-M-A-L-Ewhere you be at?true love only deserve to be that.I"m tellin you that you the me as soon as you acquire this hit. (Chorus 1: DJ Quik)Do ns love her, carry out I require her? (Suga Free: nuh uh)Do i take mine money out and also feed her? (no, no)and should I treat she (no, no) favor no other? (nah)I don"t understand I think I need to ask my brother Suga Free.(Chorus 1: Suga Free)Do ns love her? (uh huh)Do I require her? (Oh, yeah)and once she tells me she loves me, i don"t believe her (yeah, girlfriend do)No ns don"t love her, (mmm hmm)and i don"t require her (Yeah, yeah)And if she don"t offer me me money I"m a leaving her. (verse 2)see baby, I got a spot rwcchristchurchappeal.come fill.and all that callin me the end my name gonna have actually yourunnin under the street barefooted again sayin "not for real!"and exactly how you gonna blame mine?Dawon and Suga free the very same personbut you will never record me and him in the same room at the same timeBaby, you no yo best, I dubbed youcuz i was broke, hoeless, and short top top these tiny endsand it wasn"t for no sex.I view you quiet messin wit yo phony ballers.but when they tired of youyou run yo lil ass right earlier over right here beggin me for 20 dollars.and mighty funny (mighty funny)you obtain nice than a mug through them hugs, actin prefer you in lovewith a nigga, as soon as you love money.what? friend stuck?hoe, if i tell yo flea to pull a treeyou get a chain and also hook his lil ass up.Quik"ll offer you a item of his planet.But I"ll give you a dirt rockhalf a low quatnot a dope spotnor a piece of this wanna eat-eat?cuz Suga Free-Freewill walk gleek-gleekand tweak-tweakand put yo all to sleep-sleep.Ooh, I"m a tell (I"m a tell)Suga totally free pop a beat and also spit a rap so swell.she said, "suga free, you understand anything around cars, honey?"I said, yeah, you fill em up through hoestake em to the hoes storeso lock can acquire that money! (Chorus 2: DJ Quik)Do i love her execute I need her? (suga free: uh uh)Do i take mine money out and also feed her? (no way)and execute I treat she (no) choose no various other (man)I don"t know I think I must ask my brother suga free.(Chorus 2: Suga Free)Aah, perform I love her perform I need her? (DJ Quik: Oh, yeah)and when she call me she love me ns don"t think her (yea girlfriend do)Do i love her? (mmm hmm) carry out I require her? (fo sho)Leave me "lone, leaving me "lone, adversary be gone! I"m leaving (yeah) (DJ Quik, talking)see, that"s what y"all get for underestimatin me and Suga Free.We called y"all us was magical, method back in 1996.But y"all didn"t feel that. Y"all determined to sleep on us.Baby, us so powerful, we can make the rain protect against (Rain, ne me nome)you feeling that? (Chorus 3: DJ Quik)Do i love her, perform I need her?Do i take my money out and feed her?And execute I treat her (mmm mmm) prefer no other? (naw)I don"t know, ns think I have to ask my brother Suga Free(Chorus 3: Suga Free)Ooh, carry out I love her, carry out I need her? (DJ Quik: mmm hmm)and once she tell me she love me ns don"t think her (yeah, you do)now perform I love her (mmm hmm) or care around her (you should)You ne me nome, ne me nome, fore i lock friend in that box again (DJ Quik)Do i love her do I require her? (Box again)Do ns take my money out and feed her? (ne me nome!)and execute I treat her a-like no other? (yaah!)I don"t know I think I should ask my brother Suga rwcchristchurchappeal.complimentary (Suga Free)Ooh, perform I love her, execute I need her? (sure do)and as soon as she phone call me she love me ns don"t believe her (she require you too)and perform I love she (mmm hmm) or care around her? (you outta)you ne me nome, leave me alone, prior to I lock you in that box again (DJ Quik)Do ns love her carry out I require her? (Box again)Do i take my money out and also feed her? (Box again!)and do I treat she a-like no other? (Suga Free)ne me nome