released on Friday, DJ Khaled’s tenth studio album, Grateful, has currently rolled out an ext blockbuster hits 보다 the producer’s son Asahd has actually years ~ above earth. Yes sir the cooling by the swimming pool “I’m the One”; the Beyoncé and Jay-Z–featured “Shining”; and last week’s “Wild Thoughts” where Rihanna once again showed she defies the Kinsey scale. However now that the album is officially out, pan have had a chance to take in the complete 23 tracks, and also oh my god — there is no greater, more inspiring song ever before written than the Khaled-Chance cooperation tribute to their kids, “I Love friend So Much.”

“I Love girlfriend So Much” has everything: it has actually Chance the Rapper rapping the actual alphabet, it has a Jackson 5 pitch-modulated etc sample, it has actually a refrain made up of the points parents ramble off when they’re transforming diapers (“Where your eyes at? where your ear at? whereby your mouth at? whereby your sleep at?”) and it’s gained Khaled, in every one of his Khaled glory, shouting glowing praise for his farming baby boy. The track’s beginning story even made it into the mix. At the song’s open, Khaled says, “I’m gonna make a song called ‘I love you so much’” — a small behind-the-curtain look at at how the sausage it s okay made.

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But unlike the bulk of Khaled’s body of work, “I Love girlfriend So Much” doesn’t have actually a single “ANOTHER ONE” or “WE THE ideal MUSIC” or “DJ KHALED” being yelled aggressively right into the ether. Instead, the callouts that the non-saw hypeman is recognized for have been replaced with a series of blessings and affirmations because that Asahd. According to Khaled’s shouting, right here are all the things that his 8-month-old son Asahd is:

—the greatest that ever before did it—born blessed—my son—a mogul—an icon—a legend—the greatest—my biggest blessing ever—amazing—handsome—incredible—a genius

Just imagine because that one second that your dad loved you as lot as DJ Khaled loves Asahd. What to be the nicest thing your dad ever did because that you? walk he provide you executive-producing credit on his tenth album, acquire you one Instagram and a Twitter account, make Rihanna autumn in love v you, or write you a tune where he repeats “I Love you So Much” for practically five minutes?

But you recognize what, it’s it s okay if that didn’t. “I Love friend So Much” may be a song produced a baby, yet you don’t need to be a infant to take incentive from it. She an icon. You’re a legend.

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And also DJ Khaled loves friend so much.


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