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heckicus_doomicus_wizardus This album adjusted my life and I can never thank Jordaan enough for it, so I'll speak it here. Thank you Jordaan for an altering my life :) favorite track: 1990 was a lengthy year and we space all out of warm water now.
saladsburneraccount one album the refuses to not leave me speechless everytime. The documentary that newly came out about it is additionally really cool and i certainly recommend it! favorite track: wild dogs: divorce!.
consists of unlimited streaming via the complimentary rwcchristchurchappeal.com app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.includes a PDF booklet v lyrics & liner notes.
ago by popular demand - the second pressing the "divorce lawyers i shave my head." same artwork + style as the very first pressing (full text in a gatefold sleeve). Please note that order will begin shipping in early 2022 (it states 10 days since rwcchristchurchappeal.com provides you select a timeframe, however i am estimating february, despite timelines can readjust when doing vinyl orders), for this reason please administer an attend to that will certainly still be pertinent then and/or update your attend to if you relocate prior come the shipping date. Ns will contact all buyers before sending them out simply to be certain i have accurate addresses. consists of unlimited streaming the divorce lawyers i shaved my head via the complimentary rwcchristchurchappeal.com app, add to high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
"divorce lawyers i shave my head" is 10 year old top top june 6, 2019! to celebrate, the album has been reissued together a limited edition dual LP in a gatefold jacket v slightly redesigned sheathe artwork and also a fully redesigned internal to include all of the lyrics. includes unlimited streaming the divorce lawyers i shaved my head via the totally free rwcchristchurchappeal.com app, to add high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and also more.
my mouth is filled through his ovaries.i host them, here: between my teeth.o (dentist) acquire these birds nests out the me!(my human body is not huge enough)how perform you fertilize what can not be?
he slept in my bed after ns filled his human body w/insects &panic &grandfather sewn seedsi was useless inside him!trade organs because that oceans!is over there a vaccine because that thisto clean out all the unborn kids?(a totality graveyard right here in this bed)he damaged me great where the landlord left scarsemptied all the bedrooms come reclaim the stretch markswe were to our throats in grass!we tore down the treehouses!& our brothers to be kindlingfor the lovesongs that us couldn't singbecause we drowned every our songs in the bathtub(you might hear them method up in the rafters)& the preachers sleeping in the attic stole them all for scripturesso we sing nothing, nowour mothers ask us howwe pray with the lamp outfor song to to fill our mouths
if snow is flesh in gardens: us don't have mouths to talk around itbetween avalanches: us can uncover our languagebetween fire blankets: we have the right to speak our languagebut if eye is like skin then it pulls away so easy, dragged native the bodywhat if every stripped wood is branches and all frozen lakes room water?then ours bodies will certainly be avalanches

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you fuck choose a racehorse! it's her wedding day, say: yesyou want to it is in pollinated, frays the friction far too sacredwe survive in between our hunger, destruction our heads into the watermemorize her casket your mother patternsthe space between your legsi take what's great of youyou pluck fruit indigenous my endless headre-arrange them come make your salt sweatbite snakes under for much better shelterfridge your orgasm make it colderwe placed our blood in bags we don't want water &you host me close within the slaughteryou look so much far better without that shit in her hairi mean: saddles if you require them, yet i can ride friend bareyou have the right to swallow shotguns if you desire tothere room bullets in her paintings, if you want themthere are hooks to hang her killthere space floodboards rising upwardsfields our fathers fled from, and bedrooms we don't challenge go toi would prefer a word v you!you deserve to swallow shotguns if you desire toand friend can shed the lions from her songstake the blankets off! show me under her clothesthe tattoos friend don't have but believe me:your body knows!you have the right to swallow shotguns if you want toit's your wedding day, say: yessay: aprons or rifles, anarchist?sleep in the slaughterhouses?quilts quiet do from our spit?i am lettingallyouhorsesgo(you are much better wild mine arms room coming out)