Group: Chapter 2 - Escape from Reaper"s Eye

Starting Map: Fort Joy

This quest have the right to be began in 2 ways, such as talking with Saheila or talking through Amyro, an elf locked in the cage.

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AmyroFort Joy

SaheilaFort Joy

StingtailFort Joy

Camp boss GriffFort Joy

Marked CrateFort Joy

1. Begin #1: Saheila (Agree come help)

Talk to Saheila, and also promise her to free her friend Amyro.

An elf named Saheila has asked that us help complimentary her friend, Amyro, that is being held captive what nearby. She pointed out that a lizard that "dreams and also far-feeling" could be critical to Amyro"s release.

1.1. Saheila Amyro Confirm

Talk to Amyro and also tell him the Saheila send you.

We said Amyro that we agreed v Saheila to conserve him on particular conditions - that he tell us how to escape ft Joy as shortly as he"s free.

2. Start #2: Amyro (Agree to help)

Talk to Amyro.

An elf called Amyro is being organized in a cage through Griff - a an effective crime ceo within the camp. He has actually been accused of steal Griff"s supplies.

3. Griff (Agree to help)

Talk come Camp boss Griff and offer your help with recovering the steal goods.

Camp boss Griff has tasked us through recovering his steal goods. We need to start by questioning the caged elf, Amyro.

3.1. Griff Hint

Griff pointed out that his items were save on computer in a significant crate complete of citrus fruits. This should make the search a small easier.

4. Amyro Hint

Talk to Amyro and also ask that if he to know who has actually taken Griff"s stuff.

Amyro hinted the whoever take it Griff"s supplies might share a details physical tic the Griff"s - continuously clearing his throat.

5. Rat Hint

Talk to Rat. You require Pet Pal talent.

From a rat, we learned the a lizard that smelled the oranges take it the supply crate.

6. Crate Found

Find and also open the significant Crate.

We uncovered Griff"s supply crate, however there was nothing inside. Probably the components are tho nearby...

7. Sway Dreamer

You have to persuade Stingtail to provide you Unusually big Orange.

We persuaded the lizard Stingtail to hand end Griff"s oranges.

You can also kill Stingtail and also take Unusually big Orange indigenous its corpse (not recommended).

8. Discovered Drugs

Open Unusually huge Orange, within you will uncover Griff"s Drudanae.

There to be drudanae hidden inside Griff"s oranges! The medicine must have been what that was yes, really after. He"ll desire to understand that we uncovered his merchandise.

9.1. Griff helped

Talk come Camp ceo Griff and also give that his stuff. You have to tell him that took it.

We went back Griff"s stolen goods to him.

9.2. Griff is dead

If girlfriend have made decision to challenge Camp ceo Griff or open the Unusually large Orange and take the Griff"s Drudanae, then you will need to fight v him and his crew and also kill castle all. Inside his corpse girlfriend will discover Griff"s Key (you deserve to use the to open up the cage in which Amyro is locked) and Disembodied Hand.

Griff has actually been killed.

10.1. Amyro released (Saheila)

Amyro is free. Saheila will certainly no doubt be pleased - us ought to return to her.

10.2. Amyro Released

Amyro is free. The told us of a someone called Saheila who had an excellent importance to him. We must follow him to her; she will most likely be very happy come be reunited with Amyro.

11.1. Quest Reward

If you conserved Amyro.

Saheila rewarded us for conserving Amyro from Griff.

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