Traditional CRPG gamings like this never have a rotating camera. It wasn"t till Divinity initial Sin came out that changed that.

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This game, PoE, and the pre-curser "Infinity Engine" games are 2D backgrounds, can not to have 3D camera rotation. At least, that"s what ns think ns remember reading so countless years back.


Thanks for the quick reply - I thought I was absent something behind walls and also other objects....obviously no


Neverwinter Nights and others had camera rotation.

It"s a shame, Unity allows that without any type of problem. They put the exact same limitation in Pathfinder, happily there"s a mode to work around this fabricated limitation for the game.



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PoE and Deadfire room different. Castle are type of "faux"3D: every the maps, backgrounds, buildings etc. Room high-resolution, pre-rendered, handdrawn backgrounds that obtain enriched through 3D objects such together trees, enemies and the party. The leads to part funny things (try to cast a Rolling flame up part stairs - the aren"t really stairs yet it"s a flat picture) however imo the looks yes, really beautiful and way much better than a finish 3D environment. So there can"t ever be a rotating camera whether Unity3D support it or not. 

No idea around Pathfinder:Kingmaker. 

I likewise don"t think it"s a shame. Rotating cameras often tend to confuse players" sense of direction. Ns absolutely prefer a addressed one. Gift able to zoom in and also out is an excellent though.

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I additionally don"t think that a rotating camera adds anything far-reaching to a video game like this. The backgrounds are very well done the means they are, and as you say, a rotating camera couldn"t really work.

I additionally don"t think it"s a shame. Rotating cameras have tendency to confused players" sense of direction. Ns absolutely like a resolved one. Being able to zoom in and also out is an excellent though.

Also if the level design and also art teams are working native one perspective climate the images tend to be fingerprint on what space traversable planes matches non-traversable.

To each your own however I much prefer the static camera. In my experience the rotating camera is always a tiny janky. The environments look therefore much much better in deadfire 보다 crpgs v rotating camera

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