Second floor over there a tiny room through a white pickable lock the is in disarray. Nothing really below other then a challenge ripper and also that in itself is a associated issue. There"s a dead rat, etc. I just obtain the feeling the room had actually a deeper definition planned. Has this ever been discussed?The face ripper, even if you didn"t get one from the magister in Ft Joy, castle are rather useless. By the time one it s okay the four resource orbs and also four faces needed, you will in every likelihood have Fane"s faceshifter mask back. Even if friend don"t, there isn"t lot use because that it various other then not to salary a bribe if Ifan is in her party. Was an ext planned for the mask that never ever made it into the game?

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Sir Random

Do friend remember kniles?Is his room.The women in the first room, owner the the inn iirc, is his mother.Edit: i believe it"s just a curiosity (and huge chest)
Another question: why room buzzards (also called vultures) called eagles in this game? translate into mistake?
The dwarf tower in Stonegarden Cemetery because that one. There was one more place too but I don"t remember best now. I"m in video game so as soon as I gain to it come jog my memory, I"ll report back.

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