James Otero is a commonwealth judge on an elderly status because that the United says District Court because that the main District that California. He join the court in 2003 after gift nominated by chairman George W. Bush. He retirement from full-time service, assuming senior status, on December 30, 2018.

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A indigenous Californian, Otero graduated from California State University through his B.A. In 1973 and graduated indigenous Stanford regulation School with his J.D. In 1976.

Professional career

1987-1988: regional counsel, southerly Pacific Transportation

Judicial career

Central district of California

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Otero was nominated by chairman George W. Bush (R) top top January 7, 2003, come a chair vacated by Richard Paez together Paez was nominated come the nine Circuit Court the Appeals.<1> Otero was confirmed by the Senate ~ above February 10, 2003, on an unopposed 94-0-6 vote, and also received board of directors on February 12, 2003.

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<2> He retirement from permanent service, assuming senior status, top top December 30, 2018.

Noteworthy cases

Judge refuses come return duplicates of documents seized in raid (2014)

In April 2014, judge Otero refuse a soil developer’s request to return items the were seized indigenous him during the course of a commonwealth raid of his properties. Jeff Burum, the developer, to be accused that bribing ar officials in an effort to attain a $102 million negotiation for his genuine estate investor group. Referee Otero denied Burum’s request due to the fact that while the initial items seized were went back to him, Burum still sought the return of duplicates of files that to be seized. As a criminal examination was quiet underway, judge Otero created that Burum’s "interest in the duplicates of the seized material no outweigh the government’s interest."


political offices
Preceded by:Richard PaezCentral ar of California2003–2018Succeeded by:Fernando Aenlle-Rocha


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