While i was reviewing a Lesson plan from Rocket French Premium I came upon a slim confusion. It was the usage of de and du in French.Are those de and also du interchangeable? Or room there specific scenarios once it is grammatically exactly to use de rather of du? Ex: Why is it: Une tranche de pain, instead of: Une tranche du pain. Or. Why is it: Le goût du vin, instead of: Le goût de vin. Merci!

Hi Everyone, thanks for your posts!I will describe when to use de, and also when to usage du !Firstly, DE and also DU room not interchangeable."Du" is provided as a preposition an interpretation "of" or as an adjective an interpretation "any/some.""De" means "of/from" in once relating come a noun.I expect this instance sentences aid to clarification the difference between du and also de.I"d favor a slice of bread = Je voudrais une tranche de painI"d prefer some bread = Je voudrais du pain L"eau a un goût de vin = The water tastes like (of) wineJ"aime le goût du vin = I like the taste of wineBon chance! :)Marie-Claire

Salut Andrew,All I typical by preposition is that it is the kind of word the doesn"t have actually a genuine "meaning" in a sense, but has to it is in used in between or after particular words to do the sentence complete. It"s just a small grammatical item.Whereas as soon as it"s supplied as an adjective, it"s explicate the noun and does have actually a translatable meaning.I expect this helps. :)Marie-Claire

hican you please help me by informing me the while making use of "de" and " du" together prepositions then wherein le,la etc....and a,au etc....are used??are "de" "du" space upgraded form of la,le...a, au....????please assist me...hope girlfriend will assist me out!merci!
You guys need a an ext detailed explanation in regards to de, du and also de la.I am including in this write-up a connect that will assist you indigenous About.comMake certain you sign up for the french newsletter. Castle are constantly answering questions and also clarifying stuff like this. I"m findin the he much more french i learn, the more confusing the grammar. Really, when I was a debutante I discovered it much easier to express myself since I only knew one means to do it and I had actually a very tiny vocabulary with few choices. You"ll watch what i mean:http://french.about.com/sitesearch.htm?q=de+du&SUName=frenchI desire to recognize if friend benefitted native the link and also if so happen it on come others. I have other cost-free resources if you require them.

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BonjourI found this old thread once searching clarify of "de" and "du". I thought I discovered it useful until i tested that on the following instance which is uncovered on the connect you posted formerly on about.com. Indigenous what I deserve to see both the examples listed below are saying a comparable thing (that the publication / basket) belongs come the student(s) / dog). However one offers "de" and the other "du". Deserve to you you re welcome clarify. Thanks, Nikkile livre de l"étudiant / le livre des étudiants the student"s / students" book (belongs to the student / students)le panier du chien the dog"s basket (belongs come the dog)
Hi - this rules are provided in the partitive write-ups lesson (it"s 14.5 in Premium Plus), yet they work similarly:du - mrs singularde la - Feminine singularde l’ - mrs or feminine in front of a vowel or quiet Hdes - woman or feminine pluralIt"s *de l"étudiant* since étudiant starts v a vowel, therefore you obtain the "de le" étudiant contracted to de l"étudiant. It"s *du chien* due to the fact that it"s developed from "de le" chien, i m sorry is not contracted, for this reason "de le" becomes "du".
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