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THIS IS an ANIME ONLY discussion POST. Carry out NOT comment on THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------Pretty lot a follow up episode from the ahead one and used come conclude the collection as a whole. There's still the usual RPG format gimmicks and also Satou doing his thing favor always. Contrasted to various other episodes, this one didn't boost any much better and it's a shame. Oh and also Arisa's childish antics is cringe worthy to clock lol. That scene v Nana native this illustration was also uncomfortable to clock imo. I think from the start, this present was simply uninteresting and also turned right into an extremely blend story with an dreadful protagonist. This finale didnt enhance his personality or build him any better than it should have.

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And at last the last illustration is here. Despite the an obstacle it was nice seeing the girls occupational so hard to make the vials though. Still being able to anticipate opponent interference and also prepare as necessary is something the Satoo is great at. Fashionable in this instance as well. However Satou summoning the count together his trump card for managing the rebel sure was unexpected. The letter the Satou sent out to Zena certain was cute though. The story about the heroes though certain was interesting. Satoo sure ended up having actually quite the harem in the finish though. It's been lengthy journey yet that to be a great way to finish it.

What a boring finale for a boring show. Satou was able to make every 300 vials with some help. The step in the wagon was stupid. Not a an excellent show overall. That wasn't an excellent in the an initial place anyway. 2/10
Got nice boring through the finish of it. The first episode to be so promising though. Nothing really happened also in the final episode.

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What I expected from this show and what I gained were two fully different things. Not discovering anything around this at the time of that is anime announcement, i assumed something with the indigenous "Death March" in the title would certainly be action-heavy. While over there was some action, the was mostly slice of life stuff.Not only did i not acquire what i expected, the was likewise uninteresting, boring, and filled through the cliches that one would expect from a typical isekai show. Art/animation and also music weren't memorable, the story was whatever, and also of course, the personalities were basically walking tropes. I think two things that stand out greatly in regards to what ns hated the most around this show was Satou's voice and also the loli that ended EVERY. FUCKING. SENTENCE. V "na no desu" (lol even at the finish I don't remember her name).So yeah, in case it still wasn't clear....I didn't prefer this show (to put it lightly).