It was the same setlist, yet different feel -- native hockey stadion to old school theater -- because that the 2nd of three David Gilmour appearances in Chicago.

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It seems favor the Floyd police are greatly policing YouTube because that videos and, our article on Monday"s display feel victim to it. Because that this review of Wednesday"s show, we space happy to administer full show audio, and also some image and video taken by the intrepid Wyatt Brake. He even had the forethought to upload come Vimeo to forestall the inevitable takedown.


The Stream

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Fat Old sunlight - David Gilmour 2016.04.06 Chicago Auditorium Theatre from Wyatt Brake ~ above Vimeo.

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Shine ~ above You stunner Diamond (clip) - David Gilmour 2016.04.06 Chicago Auditorium Theatre indigenous Wyatt Brake ~ above Vimeo.

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