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The hunting Grounds launch December 3 through Dauntless Reforged.Explore 18 dynamic islands.Islands deserve to now host up come 6 Slayers at a time.Use drop-in, drop-out use for every islands.Soar v the skies through gliders.Join pressures in island events for large rewards.Earn patrol tricks to unlock hidden endowment caches.

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The not correct Isles have actually evolved.

Beginning December 3 through the launch of Dauntless Reforged (1.5.0), you will certainly gain access to a brand-new means to hunt: the Hunting Grounds.

The hunting Grounds space Dauntless’ biggest and most ambitious hunt type yet, designed native the ground up to administer you with a variety of tasks to take part in. The searching Grounds market 18 handcrafted islands come explore, brimming with flora, fauna, prizes to discover, and also — of food — fearsome Behemoths.

These archipelago not only offer a range of Behemoths and also fauna the regenerate end time, they also dynamically update with a number of island events that speak to on every Slayers come band together for difficult encounters. Due to the fact that you’re able come spend an ext time on hunting Grounds islands 보다 in previous hunt types, we’ve also included the capability to seamlessly restock her supplies and swap loadouts top top islands v a brand-new consumable source: supply crates.

Every facet of hunting Grounds ladders approximately an as whole goal: giving you much more opportunities to reap the combat, exploration, and also teamwork at the main point of the Dauntless experience.


Welcome come the hunting Grounds.

Exploring The hunting Grounds

To accessibility the searching Grounds, follow this steps:

Navigate come the Hunt menu from the key menu.Select Hunting Grounds indigenous the list.Select Emberthorn Cove or Boreal Outpost because that an introduce hunt.

If you’d like to head ago to town to craft equipment or take it on brand-new quests, select Return to Ramsgate in the main menu to leave your current island. Alternatively, you have the right to travel straight to other hunting Grounds islands indigenous the searching Grounds menu.

You can unlock brand-new islands once you reach landmarks in the Slayer’s Path, the brand-new development system likewise arriving in Dauntless Reforged.

Preview / equipment / SystemsThe Slayer’s Path: A new Progression …

On through The Hunt

By city hall an island in the hunting Grounds menu, you have the right to learn a couple of things about the island itself, including its neighborhood Behemoths, flora, typical minerals, as well as some details ~ above the island’s history. Friend will likewise see a star rating the tells you roughly how an overwhelming an island is.

With the hunting Grounds, we’ve increased the maximum number of Slayers per island come six, giving you a fighting chance versus some that the much more perilous encounters you’ll come across. Each island is chock complete of Behemoths to defeat, wild fauna to clean out, treasure caches to loot, and island occasions to sign up with — much more on those later.

The user user interface in the searching Grounds has a riches of details to provide you a full picture of your surroundings and the dangers that await nearby. You deserve to see points that interest marked by a “?” on your compass at the peak of the screen.

Approaching a Behemoth will trigger the Entering Combat Area message.

There are a couple of stats you’ll want to be aware of prior to approaching a Behemoth in the searching Grounds:

Level. each Behemoth has a collection level, which indicates the as whole health and strength the a details Behemoth. Friend may find Behemoths over level 20 in few of the riskier island events as well …Colour. every Behemoth likewise receives a colour grading based on your existing loadout, from grey (easier) come red (very hard). A eco-friendly grade matches within 1 level of your character.Star Rating. Lastly, every Behemoth has a star rating, i m sorry signifies the intricacy of the encounter. Behemoths with a greater star rating will have increased health, damage, and more attacks at their disposal, giving a greater an obstacle for her Slayer party.

An instance of her hunt rewards.

Defeating a Behemoth in the hunting Grounds will not send you earlier to Ramsgate. Instead, you’ll view a an introduction of the rewards friend earned for the encounter and also then be set cost-free to continue exploring.

Another new change showing up with the hunting Grounds is the ability to continue hunting also after her party is downed. If you with 100% danger, you will have a restricted time to kill the Behemoth before it to escape the island. If your entire party is downed and out the stims, the Behemoth will certainly flee, and you’ll be able to revive yourself when your stims regenerate.

Survive with Supplies

If you uncover yourself running low on tonics or various other consumables, you can activate a brand-new utility: the supply crate. It is provided crates let friend refresh your provides (e.g. Tonics, flasks) by interacting with the crate. They also lay under a ring that offers healing over time, similar to a Lifespring Pylon, therefore you and your party have the right to patch increase if you run right into a particularly harrowing encounter.

You can likewise use supply crates to change her loadout. Find yourself nearing one encounter with a terra Behemoth, however went heavy on shock gear earlier in Ramsgate? Take advantage of the window of time when the healing ring is active to swap the end your gear.

You start each searching Grounds session through one it is provided crate the you can speak to forth from your emote wheel, discovered to the appropriate of your signal flare. Supply crates deserve to be summoned anytime you’re exterior a combat area, and also get refreshed once you move to a brand-new island.


Sail away v me, to one more world.

Gliding end All

Advancements in Ramsgate aeronautics technology have led to a tremble breakthrough: gliders, a new way to traverse the not correct Isles.

Gliders make their debut in the hunting Grounds, and will come in comfortable while exploring. The 18 islands you’ll soar over in searching Grounds incorporate a variety of completely reworked islands native previous hunt types with fresh, handcrafted touches, and also there’s one special new island enhancement created particularly for the hunting Grounds.

You can unlock gliders from the Slayer’s Path after reaching your 3rd milestone. Below you will likewise be able to unlock extr frames that offer increased mobility and also range.

Here room some tips for acquiring started v your brand-new glider:

Press the jump button while airborne to open up your glider.Use jump jets to acquire an extra rise before opened your glider come travel much longer distances.Pitch your glider forward for a nosedive and pull back to swoop up.Keep one eye on her glider’s stamina wheel and also make a safe landing prior to it operation out.

You have the right to expect a variety of colourful means to personalise her glider with the Dauntless store and through future in-game events, so store an eye the end for much more glider choices in the future.

Patrol Keys and also Treasure Caches

With the launch of the hunting Grounds, we are replacing patrol chests through patrol keys, a new item you deserve to earn the same method you deserve patrol chests — by advancing through the current Hunt Pass and also collecting day-to-day coin flip rewards.

Patrol tricks are necessary to unlock hidden treasure caches on searching Grounds islands. This caches can encompass things favor cores, and a variety of currencies (including the new exploration and combat merits supplied in the Slayer’s Path). These shed treasures spawn randomly around the island, and also will disappear when you open a chest — choose minerals, they deserve to be accessed once per player.


Use patrol tricks to unlock hunting Grounds endowment caches.

Join forces In Island Events

As you progression to new, more complicated islands in the searching Grounds, you might come across an island event. These random events include a variety of activities, indigenous taking under one upstream Behemoth to holding off multiple foes while dealing with deadly environmental hazards. Highlight an island on the hunting Map and check the summary to watch potential events.

The score of island occasions is to market additional activities that enable you and also all various other Slayers on an island come work with each other to finish an objective and also earn experience and also loot.

Here are just a few of the island events you’ll experience when the hunting Grounds launch:

Aether Surge: A common occurrence across the searching Grounds, attracting powerful Behemoths and other hostile creatures you’ll should defeat.High Alert: an extremely powerful Behemoth has actually appeared, posing a great threat to the island’s ecosystem. Slay the quickly.Blast Zone: prevent surges the shock aether and also slay any kind of Behemoths and also creatures the appear.Shatterstorm: challenging Behemoths through thick hides space swarming together. Shatter adjacent crystals to rise your assault speed.Sudden Death: large quantities the aether can turn any type of Behemoth into a formidable force. Every Behemoth strike is fatal.

When one island event goes live, an indicator will show up on her compass. That will likewise generate a shaft of light that will be visible from any kind of line of vision on the island. As soon as you enter the combat area, the event will begin.


Reaching the end of one island event way you earned your rewards.

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Live for The Hunt

The hunting Grounds launch December 3, 2020 as component of Dauntless Reforged, and also we can’t wait to hear what friend think.