Dark Souls 3 released earlier this week and also it’s currently eliminated the majority of gamers’ characters countless times. If you’ve ever before playedDark Souls, you understand the game is ideal known for its absolutely punishing challenge that obstacles also the most seasoned RPG fans. In fact, as you’ll see in the complying with GIFs, you deserve to regularly die inDark Souls 3 even if you technically don’t make a mistake. Sometimes, it appears, the game will certainly simply flat-out kill you for fun.

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This player, for instance, acquired a message informing him that there wasn’t a dragon ahead. Well, it transforms out tbelow wasdefinitely a dragon ahead… and also that’s not also what finished up killing him:

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This guy, meanwhile, properly sneaked up on and killed an enemy… just to be squaburned prefer a bug by an also bigger adversary who had actually been chasing him:

This character assumed he was safe because he effectively killed a skeleton warrior and dodged a large bolder that was rolling toward him. Little did he recognize exactly how wrong he was:

This player decided to attempt playingDark Souls for the initially time ever before this week. He conveniently uncovered out that you can’t make it through just by successfully dodging enemies’ attacks:

This can be the ultimate very own goal in aDark Souls game:

Souls retrieved….

And lastly, this poor bastard was low on health and also thought he had just got to the salvation of a campfire… but nope:

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