in ~ the start of the game, starting as a Knight, I have a usable item dubbed \"Way of White Circlet\". Despite the name, girlfriend can\"t equip it together a headgear item, and it is unusable by default, nevertheless of whether ns possess one Ember or not, though it have the right to be equipped prefer a usable item.

Does anyone recognize what specifically this items does, and also how to activate it? The specific item text indicates it\"s a multi-use Ember:

Online play item. Regain the connection to various other worlds.

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Those who connect in unjust deeds once in call with other human beings will lose their link to them.

Way of White Circlets assume such sin together their own, but are found few and much between. Exhilaration without honor will never be without risk.

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asked Apr 12 \"16 at 16:17

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If you repetitively disconnect or otherwise walk offline while being invaded, summon indications will no longer appear for you. However, you will still be available for intrusions only now you can\"t summon phantoms to aid you one of two people with invasions or through bosses.

Much prefer the Bone of order in Dark Souls 2, the method of White Circlet is a way for girlfriend to reclaim that link, permitting you to see summon indicators again.

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answered Apr 12 \"16 in ~ 17:03

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It\"s an item used if you gain banned. You can use the item come get ago into normal play, among the item will generate every 10 to 15 hours of gameplay at your coffin.

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answered Sep 9 \"16 at 7:20

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