Pretty lot everyone who played Dark Souls 3 has had these questions running v their brain. And since Dark Souls doesn’t do a habit of teaching players just how to perform things, we’ve placed together a short guide on exactly how to kick in ds3.

In this post, you will do it learn:

How to absent in Dark Souls 3 (for Xbox and also Ps4)The ideal times to use kicks in combat exactly how to acquire your kicks come deal much more damage (this will certainly blow your mind)

Here’s how to kick in Dark Souls 3

On Xbox, you’ll push forward top top the left stick and also then, nearly immediately after, push the ideal bumper (the standard switch for light attacks).

On PS4, you’ll press the left rod forward and then, virtually immediately after, push the L1 button.

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Your character will then kick forward v his or her best leg, suspect you have actually a weapon equipped that permits kicking (most weapons do).

A couple of tips because that kicking much more effectively in Dark Souls 3:

You’ll need to be standing nice close to your enemy. The much simpler to efficiently land a absent if she locked ~ above to your target. It’s takes a few reps to obtain the time down v a Dark Souls 3 kick. Therefore you could want to practice on weaker enemies prior to trying the on a high damage foe.

When to use a kick in ds3

Dark Souls 3 kicks nothing deal any type of damage (unless you’re wearing the Armor of Thorns), yet they’re valuable for two major reasons.

1. Kicks move your target, permitting you to...oh, i don’t know...knock opponents off a cliff!

When an adversary hides behind a shield, incoming strikes deal what is generally referred to together “stamina damage.” if this doesn’t impact the enemy’s wellness bar, as soon as their stamina reaches zero, their guard will certainly be “broken,” leave them vulnerable to a riposte. (Ripostes are kind of favor backstabs — to land one, you need to be squared up through your enemy. So don’t mean to obtain one every time.)

Dark Souls 3 Kicks are specially draft to deal high amounts of stamina damages (significantly more than many weapons) which renders them effective versus enemies that hide behind their shields. Psychic this if you in a PVP fight against an adversary who likes to turtle!

It’s precious noting that stronger enemies won’t constantly be staggered through one kick. In part cases, chaining many kicks can lead come a stagger, however unless your foe is yes, really hunkered down, you’ll typically have better options than karate. And also you more than likely won’t want to usage a absent in a boss fight.

How to gain your kicks come deal an ext damage

Surprisingly, the stamina damage of a Dark Souls 3 absent is based on how upgraded the a weapon you’re holding.

So, for example, if you kick a Lothric knight when holding a dagger +9, you’ll rest his shield in one shot.

But, if you shot kicking with a weapon that isn’t upgraded (even a greatsword), you’ll require multiple kicks come stagger the knight.

This is likewise true in player vs player (PVP) combat.

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(Credit because that this reminder goes to D2Synua.)

Oddly enough, the extra stamina damages from an upgraded weapon will certainly only apply if the weapon is fitted in your ideal hand (or if you’re two handing).

Go kick part stuff!

Now friend know just how to absent in Dark Souls 3. For additional tips, including how to parry, exactly how to jump, and more, be sure to check out our various other Dark Souls 3 articles.