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Overhaul mode of ds2. Some transforms in story progression. Changed boss fights and NPC inventories. Adjusted animation speeds and also retextured some bosses.

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Brightbug"s price rate is now triple quantity of typical price.Fixed Shield Throw effect not scaling with weapon damage of Hero"s Shield.Reduced some damage of spells the shoulnd"t execute too much damages mid-game.
Fixed the hitbox concerns with Elana"s Corrupted Orbs spell.Added sun Bead assignment (miracle indistinguishable of Dark Bead). Bought native Licia after gaining to Shrine that Winter. 1 soul Fragment required.Added Fire Bead order (Pyromancy identical of Dark Bead). Bought indigenous Rosabeth after obtaining to Shrine of Winter. 1 heart Fragment required.Added Dark Bead spell. Bought native Felkin after gaining to Shrine that Winter. 1 spirit Fragment required.Added Aldia"s Branch trace spell. Bought from Rosabeth after getting to Shrine of Winter.Added Rain that Fire spell. Bought from Rosabeth after getting to Shrine of Winter.Fixed Smelter Blast no dealing damage. Bought from Rosabeth after getting to Shrine that Winter.Fixed miscellaneous spell damage.Elana"s Chaos Blasts now works as intended. Acts as an empowered variation of flame Swathe.Changed weapon scaling for the new pyromancy flames.Fixed a an insect where Dark and also Poison Hand were recognised together Pyromancy Flames.Removed Barrel armor again due to the fact that it wouldn"t equip to the personality model. (Been looked at.)
Doubled the damages of all Resonant Spells.Added Armor effects to their descriptions.Should have revived Body Armor referred to as Barrel. Is a treasure in ~ Majula.Cleric course starts through Saints collection now.
Added poison Hand weapon as treasure to the Gutter.Added Dark Hand weapon as feasible drop that Darkwraith NPCs or begin with it as Hexer class.Added Sorcerous flame which provides pyromancies 100% magic damage. Treasure at Shrine that Amana.Added black Flame which gives pyromancies 100% dark damage. Treasure at Huntsman Corpse.Added part item explanation to brand-new hexer spells and sorcery spells.Added brand-new Hexes: Dark Burst and Dark Explosion.Added new Pyromancies: Earthquake, Giant"s burst Combustion, Rain the Fire, Obnoxious Fire Breath and also Poisonous Fire Orb.Changed Fireball"s behavior and also renamed it come Singe.Added Ashen Estus Flask which provides you the ability to reclaim Spell uses. Gifted through Emerald Herald along with Estus Flasks.Amber Herb, Twilight Herb and also White Dusk Herb room now protective buffs.Rosabeth will certainly gift friend Pyromancy Flame and Singe because that unpetrifying her rather of Prism Stones.Bastille crucial is currently on the delivery at No Man"s Wharf where Pyromancy Flame provided to be.Gave Armor piece Ring effects. (effects will be posted in item explanation on a next update).Added enemy NPCs have actually a high opportunity of dropping the newly added Soul Fragments.Tanky enemy NPC at things Betwixt now drops item the he have to drop.Butterfly NPCs in ~ Iron Keep have actually a opportunity of dropping pyromancies ~ above death.Added a suprise guest in Old Throne Room behind Chancellor Wellager. (weapon is invisible though)Hero course starts v Halberd now.
Finally resolved the "??" bug for button prompts.Added a brand-new item dubbed "Power Herb". It"s one Amber Herb that have the right to be used infinitively.Power Herb have the right to be preferred as beginning gift or found as sweetheart in Shrine the Amana.
Changed Red Tearstone Ring to Brightstone Ring which will have impact of Brightbugs.Ancient Dragon gives Brightstone Ring in place of the Ashen Mist heart.Changed the location Screen.Changed every the weapons" durability to 500.Flameless Torch now has a red aura like a resin has been used to it.Added a hostile NPC at points Betwixt that will drop Ring of thorn +2.Added some various other hostile NPCs in ~ Shrine that Amana to give the area more variety.Added a new spell referred to as Orbs of Judgment.The "lower rank" tools of each weapon type no much longer require Soul fragments to buy indigenous the merchants.
Gave shed Sinner"s UGS, Zweiahnder"s moveset so it ressembles shed Sinner boss moveset more.Special effects on Flameless Torch do less damages now.Gave Twinblade that the Covetous special results while doing R1 2H attacks.Fixed the Najka ceo fight not functioning properly, Tark currently uses his original moveset.Sped up the fogwall animation so your character goes v instantly.Changed Ring the Binding come Ring that Light spreading a light above the character"s head.
Changed several of the great again.Added brand-new hostile NPCs throughout the world.For example: Shrine of Amana will have actually Monastery NPCs instead of the Amana priestesses.Fixed part bugs of armor sets no spawning.Fixed the pest of the brand-new Pursuer boss respawning ~ resetting area.
Fixed a bug that make you not pick up several of the Armor Sets.Fixed a pest where her character"s eight was folded whenever you 2-handed the Flameless Torch.Added a flamespray effect on Flameless Torch" 2-handed light attack.Replaced the Gyrm warriors inside imperial Rat Authorities"s ceo fight v something else.Reduced the damage output of both Authority and the brand-new boss a lot to do the fight much more manageable.Changed some of the OST"s in boss fights (including some Nioh 2 OST"s).Changed the prisoners of the Grave ceo to "The Forlorn, detainees of the Grave". Both the Greatsword and the Scythe version generate in your non-red phantom form.The Forlorn will drop both your weapons!Placed the Rampart ice Breath spell together treasure in Eleum Loyce.Changed the Gank squad fight in Shulva with a suprising appearance.Fixed a an insect that made fireballs do twin amount the the typical damage.Royal Rat Authority ceo fight rewards you with Frozen Flower dlc key.
Fixed a pest that led to a crash at any time you gone into Majula in NG+.> had to remove some the the enemies in Majula, making it an even more rustique place.> Armored Warrior Dummy moved to the previous small boars ar in Majula.Changed the Lords the the Bastille fight right into a Guardian Dragon ceo fight.Gave several of the bosses small bit much more doable lot of HP like lost Sinner fight in Bastille.Hero"s Mask effect: rises Item Discovery.Hero"s Armor effect: nullifies crucial damage taken.Hero"s Gloves effect: rare possibility of normal strikes becoming crucial attacks.Hero"s Boots effect: reduced falling damage.Hero"s Shield: readjusted moveset + added effect that slightly heals you end time.
Changed Warrior course to a course called "the Hero".Added Hero"s Armor.Added Hero"s Shield. --> acts largely as a GS, yet light attacks will offer you a shield litter effect.Fixed the damages of some spells.
Dull Ember is now a treausre in iron Keep.Spells- added pyromancy Fire Wave: obtainec through pyromancy beginning class or treasure at Earthen Peak- added Hex spell Vendrick"s Curse Orb: dropped native Vendrick bossArmour sets:- Alonne article set: treasure at Iron Keep- Alonne Captain: treasure at Brume Tower- Alva: treasure in ~ ShadedWoods- Archdrake Set: treasure in ~ Shrine the Amana- Astrologist"s Set: trasure in ~ Aldia"s Keep- Aurous set (2 versions): dig of Saints/Doors that Pharros- Bandit set: forest of please Giants- Bell goalkeeper Set: lost Bastille- Benhart"s Set: giant Memories- black color Dragon set: Dragon Shrine- black Hollow Mage set: Huntsman"s Corpse- black Leather Set: Earthen Peak- black Set: lost Bastille- black color Witch Set: Undead Crypt- Bone King set: Executioner"s Chariot ceo arena- Chaos Set: Brume Tower- Creighton"s Set: Brightstone Cove Tseldora- Dark Set: the Gutter- Desert Sorceress: Earthen Peak- Dingy Set: Eleum Loyce- Dragon Acolyte set: Aldia"s Keep- Dragonrider set: In room on means to No Man"s Wharf- Drakekeeper Set: Dragon Shrine- elite Knight set: Eleum Loyce- Executioner set: Huntsman"s Corpse- Falconer set: Shaded Woods- hope Set: Shulva- grave Warden set: Undead Crypt- Gyrm set: Doors the Pharros- Gyrm Warrior set: Doors of Pharros- Greathelm that Gyrm Warrior: reduce by imperial Rat authority boss- hard Leather set: woodland of fallen Giants- Heide knight set: Heide"s Tower of fire - Imperious Set: Undead Crypt- Insolent Set: dig of Saints- Ironclad set: iron Keep- Jester set: Majula, on method to Huntsman"s Corpse- Leydia black color set: Undead Crypt- Leydia White set: Aldia"s keep- Lion Warrior collection (2 variants): Shaded Woods + Shulva- looking Glass article set: within chest past Looking Glass boss- Lucatiel"s Set: No Man"s Wharf- mad Warrior set: Brume Tower- Manikin Set: Earthen Peak- Mastadon Set: Drangleic Castle- Monastery Set: Eleum Loyce- Moon Butterfly Set: iron Passage- Nahr Alma set: Shulva- Old Ironclad set: giant Memories- Old knight set: Shrine that Armana- Pate"s Set: Earthen Peak- Penal Set: Sinner"s Rise- Peasant set: Brightstone Cove Tseldora- Priestess set: Dragon Aerie/brightstone Cove- ruin set: Drangleic castle- Rusted Mastadon set: Doors of Pharros- shadow set: No Man"s Wharf- Smelter Demon set: drops from "Nashandra" boss- Syan set: tomb of Saints- Targray"s set: Heide"s Tower the Flame- Throne Duo sets: drops from Throne duo boss- travel Merchnt set: things Betwixt- Tseldora Set: Majula- Varangian set: No Man"s Wharf- Velstadt set: helm drops from "Guardian Dragon" boss/ rest of collection is uncovered at Shulva- White hole Mage set: Brightstone Cove Tseldora- White priest Set: stole KeepArmor sets sold by Maughlin:- royal Soldier set- Rogue Set- Prisoner"s Set- imperial Swordsman set- Dragon Sage Hood- Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets- Sanctum Priestess Tiara- ivory King set: original method as in basic gameArmor sets marketed by Magerold the Lanafir:- Fume Sorcerer set- Rampart Golem Set- Raime"s Set- Retainer Robe- Alonne"s Set- burnt Loyce setNew reward device for authorized Champion"s Pact:- enemies will currently drop additional items dubbed "Soul Fragments" (not guaranteed!)- You can trade 1 heart Fragment and also base price to obtain a weapon or ring that choice- You have the right to get any kind of weapon in the game because of this reward now. This weapons are spread across all shop inventories.Updatetet shop inventories:- seller Hag MelentiaSells daggers, piercing swords and a couple of rings (protective rings)- Blacksmith LennigrastSells directly swords, hammers and axes- Blacksmith McDuffSells every greatswords- Laddersmith GilliganSells spears- Titchy GrenSells Scythes, bent Swords and also Katanas- Sweet ShalourSells fists, claws, whips and also all staying rings- GavlanSells Greataxes and an excellent Hammers- CarhillionSells all staves- Cromwell the PardonerSells Chimes and also Black Witch"s Staff- Head that VengarlSells Flames, Halberds and Twinblades
Currently working on including effects ~ above weapon movement. NOTE: making use of these effects will lower your trust a lot!> Effect added on Pursuer"s knife running one-handed R1 strike that will certainly send out Pursuer"s shockwave.> Effect included on Tail that Shiva on to run one-handed R1 assault that will cause a an effective impact wave.Added a new sorcery: Mytha"s Head Throw. Acquired "temporarily" as a beginning spell for Sorcerer OR profession Mytha"s heart at Carhillion because that it.Fixed a pest that brought about a crash ~ above your means to Mytha"s ceo arena.
Halved the damage the shed Samurai and also Shiva the Tigress did. Therefore they space now an ext doable for beforehand game.Added a non-damaging Ironclad Soldier at Majula for damage testing purposes.Modified the damage of currently spells and new ones come be more accurate.Some the the new spells monitor the opponents now, favor a hefty homing soul arrow.Added 14 brand-new spells (3 sorceries, 1 pyromancy, 2 miracles and also 8 hexes):> Covetous" Spit attack (drops from Mytha the Queen the Demons boss)> Rampart ice Spear (treasure at Eleum Loyce)> Rampart ice Breath (drops from detainees of the tomb boss)> Lightning trail (drops native Looking Glass Knight)> Lightning tide (drops native NG+ looking Glass items OR bought indigenous Licia with his soul)> poison Spit (treasure in ~ the Gutter)> Rotten"s Corrupted tide (inside chest past Rotten boss arena)> Rotten"s Explosive tide (sold by Felkin - requires Soul that the Rotten)> Elana"s Corrupted Orbs (treasure in ~ Shulva)> Dark Breath (treasure in Drangleic Castle)> Elana"s Chaos Blasts (treasure within chest previous Gnak Squad ceo at Shulva)> Elana"s Corrupted Blast (sold through Felkin - needs Soul of Elana)> Cursed Beam (drops from sisters of Dark boss fight)> Nashandra"s Wrath (sold through Felkin - calls for Soul the Nashandra)Changed OST that Sentinels + lost Samurai ceo fight.Changed the sound file of Executioner"s chariot"s master to a funny sound clip. :p
Added a few item descriptions because that the brand-new spells except for the Hexes.Modified the Blue Smelter Orb and Blue Smelter Blast the they set targets ablaze because that 20 seconds.Changed some adversary Bullets e.g. Rock-throwing forest Grotesques now throw Fireballs, Alonne Captains shoot off Lightning Spears instead of Greatarrows, etc.Toned down character run speed and roll rate a small bit.
Nerfed the Tail the Shiva whip a bit since it was brokenly OP.Changed the boss death sound impact to a an ext victorious sound effect!Added 19 new spells (2 sorceries, 2 miracles, 7 hexes and 8 pyromancies)> Amana Water Orb (treasure in ~ Shrine that Amana)> Plasma Roar (drops indigenous Mytha"s Pet ceo at Harvest Valley)> Lightning Barrage (treasure in ~ Drangleic Castle)> Lightning to win (Cleric class beginning spell OR treasure at Eleum Loyce)> Deep Barb (Hexer class beginning spell OR bought from Felkin)> Dark wave (drops from servant of Light)> Pursuer"s Shockwave (treasure at shed Bastille)> Pursuer"s climax (drops indigenous Alken, mr of Pursuers at Undead Crypt)> Alonne"s Bewitched soul Blade (Hexer class beginning spell OR autumn from ruin Sentinels boss)> Dark Lurker"s Laser Beam (bought from Felkin through Dark Lurker"s Soul)> Dark Lurker"s Wrath (drops indigenous Dark Lurker)> Smelter Orb (treasure in ~ Iron Keep)> Smelter Blast (bought indigenous Rosabeth with Smelter Demon soul)> Blue Smelter Orb (drops native Blue Smelter Demon)> Blue Smelter Bast (drops native Blue Smelter Demon)> Fume Orbs (treasure in ~ Brume Tower)> Chaos Branches (drops from Aldia)> Orb of doom (drops indigenous Aldia)> Aldia"s Wrath (drops native Aldia)Reverted ago to no hollowing since new system appeared to it is in flawed. Will certainly look more into it.Fixed a bug that brought about you no been maybe to enter Servant that Light"s arena.Ruin Sentinel ceo now has actually 2 Sentinels + the shed Samurai!
Added brand-new fist weapon dubbed Fool"s Fist: provides moveset the Bone Fist + modelled ~ non-released recolored Caestus.Changed Deprived course to "The Fool": starts through Fool"s collection and 2 Fool"s Fists.I made it feasible to power stance the 2 fists indigenous start.Added 2 Fume Sorecerers and also 1 Ashen Crawler in ~ Iron Keep.Added an additional fight inside Freja"s boss arena called "The Duke"s Aberrations", to compensate with the remove of the Parasite Spiders.Added 2 additional enemies in lost Sinner fight.Removed the ability to light up Sinner"s ceo arena.Left room before Sinner consists of a bonfire now. Right room has the Fool"s Fist as a treasure.I offered the "Last Giant" boss other impacts on his movesets. (still a job-related in progression though)One of the new bosses in "Guardian Dragon" boss arena provides its constant model + moveset of vanilla game.Added 2 adversaries to "welcome" you to Aldia"s keep after opening the gate v King"s Ring.
Changed audio in part boss fights:- new audio in "Last Giant" fight- new audio in "Guardian Dragon" fight- new audio in "Elana" fight- new audio in "Covetous Demon" fight- brand-new audio in "Nashandra" fightAdded new weapon referred to as "Twinblade the the Covetous" together treasure in woodland of collapse Giants.Did some retextures of some new bosses.

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Changed few of the article drops so that they make more sense.Newly included companions in ceo fights now have actually a seperate HP bar.Newly textures because that the "Last Giant" boss and Old dragonslayer ceo fight
HOW come INSTALL:Optional step: unpack DS2 v the UXM tool uncovered here: https://www.rwcchristchurchappeal.com/sekiro/mods/26Make certain to spot the game after unpacking together well!!Step 1: download zip folderStep 2: unpack contentsStep 3: place all the materials in the DS2 video game directory, e.g.: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dark Souls II Scholar of the first Sin\GameStep 4: have fun :)FAQ:- Why is Avaa tho invisible after acquiring the Eye the priestess? Answer: Avaa"s visibilty is in reality event-based. The cause is the actual article pickup in the dlc itself which is currently the 4 Old Dead One"s souls.- Where have the right to I uncover Soldier Key? Answer: Soldier vital is in endowment chest behind illusionary wall in woodland of please Giants.- wherein is the Dull Ember? Answer: uncovered in Iron save in front of fire-spitting minotaur statue.- wherein is Ashen Mist Heart? Answer: Drops indigenous Elana boss fight in Shulva.- where is the Dragon Talon? Answer: drops native "Guardian Dragon" ceo fight.- how do I obtain Soul Fragments? Answer: Soul fragments can randomily drop from the newly included hostile NPCs throughout the world. Involvement Champion"s agreement amplifies the drops.