dancer the the boreal valley face This is a topic that many people are feather for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and also online courses …. That will assist you have an overview and hard multi-faceted expertise . Today, would like to present to friend PRAISE THE BOOTY! Dancer that the Boreal sink Dark Souls 3 ceo Fight – YouTube. Following along space instructions in the video clip below: “All right send end the lord. Oh. I m above. Oh.

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Hey. Oh. Lady. What what s up.


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Oh. Wait. Oh. Lady.

What s up. Why are you every on floor you offered to it is in in the chair currently your chairs fallen over okay all best well currently she did negative old lady i simply wanna obtain that ladder up over there whoo uh. Uh ns m not prepared i m not ready i gained 50000..


Souls just how you to invest whoa. That s prefer he s holding this junk. And also just writhing in pain. Girlfriend okay.

buddy hey. How are friend well ns wasn t expecting this so soon dancer hello dancer. I m a proud dancer did some money carry out what you want me come do just how you shortly smooth and also stuff. Five oh oh god cave on hang on cave on allow me acquire here now i heard that that s why human being were flying roughly the air earlier when we came v here.

i was like was everybody out flying around. Now. That all makes sense. Oh.

God are you serious let me alone. Oh. Yet this it it s okay cool..


you think is acceptable. I m out of flasks. They must homer bone. We do not seem an especially hard best now.

currently they have actually two swords moving approximately the entirety level god dang. The whoop. He then whippin you feel dizzy after all that women s. Walk no no we re not done whipping it all ideal look.

i m walk home. I ll view you later. I do not have time for that crap right now all appropriate let s walk mr. Dancer you all set to dance you guys are mad calm down let s perform the dance.

Oh. Do not go. All roughly sucks for you y..


all. Gotta. Block. You the s what see don t try grab me.

Sign. Have the right to stars a tiny bit therefore they offer us fire damage. However those are pretty great block pretty solid. Just how do you speak whoo ooh 6a.

This is really easy to dodge now snake okay fuck why carry out you guys constantly want to subscribe when i m fighting bosses choose annie s wait don t try see friend it is now there s five hell no i gotta uncover a location to heal. But i can t really view what ns m act no i assumed was blocking. Yet i assumption: v i had my earlier no one left on choose oh this could be a boy if ns would as with hit. Mine shield button.

as soon as i knew i have to put this big ol shield on for a reason. Another swain s land now keep drink it in opportune moments. As well wow..


Okay. Crap you now fuck girlfriend shit the hell. That s not gonna execute anything ns m do the efforts to prefer you know swing allow myself come earlier to defend myself from any type of silliness like that i gained some silliness anyway grounding on fucking chairs. Ns guess i m this guy simply walks around i m execute anything how do i lose this get my everything i love it.

that s acquired now and ice pack. And also cray struggle me with every one of thy love. It simply hit me with every one of it i can not stop obtaining hit. Really hey be certain ah that s best i witnessed the dancer.

ns m your private dancer dancer indigenous money favor you okay. No us did it the was a overdramatic fright fight. Yet we go it us did eat ” ..

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