Season 2 episode 18 - how Do You like Them Apples?

After their humiliating ns to liquid Apple’s dance Center, ALDC prepares to beat lock once and also for all. Kelly secretly re-choreographs Paige’s solo ~ finding it has little method and no showcase she ability. Chloe rehearses a solo called "Angry Bird". At the competition, Paige finds herself pitted versus Kendall. Luckily, Kendall’s solo is a mess and also while Paige areas seventh, kendall does not location at all. Chloe locations sixth. The team routine "Land Unforgiving" places fifth, yet Abby is happy together they still beat CADC. Jill gets into an dispute with Cathy and also decides the Candy Apple’s no the place for her. Air date : 10th-Jul-2012

Dance Moms - Season : 2

Season 2 episode 1 - Everyone"s Replaceable

Abby holds an open up audition for her dance group; Holly"s job schedule pressures her to miss Nia"s rehearsals and also competitions; Abby must involved terms v Chloe"s cultivation success. Air date : 10th-Jan-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 2 - Return of the liquid Apples

Abby"s dancers compete against Cathy"s candy Apples but Cathy set a trap for the moms by inviting them come an cotton cocktail party. Air date : 17th-Jan-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 3 - Brooke"s transforming Point

Brooke tries out for cheerleading leaving Abby and the various other dancers in the lurch the day prior to a big competition. Their group dance "Born to Dance" locations 1st. Air date : 24th-Jan-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 4 - no one Likes A Bully

Abby choreographs a bully-themed dance; Abby replaces Brooke with Payton. Abby puts Jill, Kendall, Leslie, and also Payton every on probation as they batttle because that the one clues on ALDC. Payton damaged her opportunities with remaining on your dance team by make a crude comment to the group stating the she is better than every the various other dancers because she is the oldest. Jill doesn"t think Payton need to be ~ above the team since she is as well tall and stands out from the various other girls. Their team dance "What comes Around" places 1st in the age group but it is not viewed on the show. Air date : 31st-Jan-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 5 - Brooke"s ago

Brooke"s return leaves no room because that Payton. Abby announces kendall is off probation, yet Jill gets put on. The group dance "Avalanche" places 2nd overall. Air day : 7th-Feb-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 6 - Wardrobe malfunction

Abby puts the moms in fee of making the girl costumes because that the competition. Meanwhile, dance Explosion is canceled therefore Abby finds another competition, in Texas. Jill transforms out to have bought one expensive dance outfit because that Kendall, resulting in a dispute with Abby. Maddie is hurt in a loss while performing and also has come be brought off the floor. Air day : 14th-Feb-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 7 - Bullets and Ballet

The moms walk ballistic once Abby choreographs a flashy number finish with guns. Maddie find herself at the bottom of the pyramid is figured out to run her means back top top top. Air day : 21st-Feb-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 8 - The Runaway mother

After kendall is put back on probation, Jill has had enough and decides come take kendal to run for candy Apple’s run Center. Abby find out once she runs right into the liquid Apple’s dance team during this week’s competition. Holly pipeline the competition early. Air date : 28th-Feb-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 9 - Topless Showgirls

The run moms think Abby has actually pushed the envelope too much when she creates a run number whereby the girls room made to show up nude. Cathy provides Chloe a chance to it is in in a commercial for she husband"s beef jerky business. This episode likewise known together "Costume Drama" and "Fanning the Flames" and also was pulled by Lifetime because of controversy. Air date : 6th-Mar-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 10 - Miami heat Wave

The dance firm heads because that the steamy climes of southern Beach; the mother scramble as soon as Paige"s foot surgical treatment creates an open up position. Air date : 13th-Mar-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 11 - Melissa Pleads the 5th

Christi and also Kelly proceed to meddle in Melissa"s exclusive life; Abby choreographs a number to carry awareness to the plight the the homeless; Holly bring away a leave of absence from her job. Air day : 20th-Mar-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 12 - waiting for Joffrey

The dance firm is on sheet after discovering that a scout will be attending the upcoming competition; Abby pits the girls versus each various other by producing two trios; Nia pushes herself also hard. Air date : 27th-Mar-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 13 - Abbygeddon

The second season ends with Abby"s dancers contending in the regionals and for a scholarship through the Joffrey Ballet School. Regrettably for her, the liquid Apples likewise compete Air day : 3rd-Apr-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 14 - The battle Begins

With Maddie out till she regains confidence, the fate that Abby Lee Dance agency lies in Chloe"s hands. Meanwhile, the mothers start to shed trust in Abby"s choreography. Air day : 5th-Jun-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 15 - Night that the life Dancers

Kelly renders a correct decision moments prior to her daughters take the stage; Maddie battles to discover confidence; Holly tries to create elaborate costumes for a group number. Air day : 12th-Jun-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 16 - I recognize What you Did last Competition

Melissa deals with a cheating scandal. Kelly"s daughters are placed on probation. Payton rejoins the vain team resulting in tension among the run Moms. Air date : 19th-Jun-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 17 - Maddie has actually A an enig

The 25th anniversary of Star power is so big there room two competition venues filled with dancers. Air day : 26th-Jun-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 18 - exactly how Do You favor Them Apples?

After their humiliating lose to candy Apple’s dance Center, ALDC prepares to beat castle once and also for all. Kelly secretly re-choreographs Paige’s solo after ~ finding it has little technique and doesn’t showcase her ability. Chloe rehearses a solo called "Angry Bird". At the competition, Paige finds herself pitted against Kendall. Luckily, Kendall’s solo is a mess and while Paige areas seventh, kendal does not ar at all. Chloe places sixth. The group routine "Land Unforgiving" places fifth, however Abby is happy together they still defeated CADC. Jill gets into an argument with Cathy and decides that Candy Apple’s isn’t the location for her. Air day : 10th-Jul-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 19 - Worst date of birth Party Ever!

Air date : 17th-Jul-2012Read More

Season 2 episode 20 - guess Who"s earlier

Air date : 24th-Jul-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 21 - rest A leg

Air day : 7th-Aug-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 22 - Revenge the the candy Apples

Air date : 14th-Aug-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 23 - The Recital to finish All Recitals

Air day : 21st-Aug-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 24 - brand-new Girl In town

Paige is permitted to dance again after her foot is healed. New girl Nicaya and also her mother sign up with the team, producing competition between her and also Paige because that a position in the team number. Meanwhile, Nia and Chloe"s solos place really poorly, return the group dance places first. Air day : 28th-Aug-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 25 - Solo fever

Air date : 4th-Sep-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 26 - Nationals 90210

Air date : 11th-Sep-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 27 - Reunion, component 1

Air day : 18th-Sep-2012Read More

Season 2 illustration 28 - Reunion, part 2

Air date : 25th-Sep-2012Read More


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