around I let go the Bus

"I to let go the Bus" is a song by American hip-hop duo Kris Kross. It was released in September 1992 as the third single from your debut album, entirely Krossed Out.

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I let go the bus.. Ns missed the bus..I let go the bus.. Ns missed the bus..I checked out bed late yet I didn"t think late would impact MEEarly came about then late wouldn"t allow MEWake up - wake up UP - so i can acquire dressedI guess mine body to be mad "cause I offered it no restAnd as soon as I ultimately did wake up it to be a quarter to 8:00Jumped in the shower and I recognize I to be lateStepped out placed on mine jeans and also my uni"And claimed to myself if I miss school I"m ruinedBut ns ran under hill and I RUSHED RUSHEDI ran down the hill TRYIN TO capture THE BUSNow I"m hopin come myself every little thing is coolStandin on mine block prefer a foolBut (1) I"m all alone and also (2) the bus is gone(3) if I miss school this weekend I"ll be in ~ homeCan somebody come real quick to my rescueI"m stuck at the crib and I don"t know what come doI missed the bus I to let go the busI missed the bus And that is somethin I will certainly never ever before ever execute againI to let go the bus I to let go the busI missed the bus And the is somethin I will never ever ever execute againI to be up - HE to be UP - yet I laid earlier downThinkin I could chill "til the moment came aroundAnd ns did - he DID - however a small too longCause as soon as I wake up up yo the bus to be goneI nearly broke my neck, tryin to gain out the doorAnd i chased the bus "til my feet was soreOn the follow - THE TAIL - but I couldn"t capture upI guess that must have actually been my day for me come have negative luckCause I shed my lunch money, publication bag bustedScuffed up mine sneakers and also I"m yes, really disgustedAnd as soon as I acquired to college it to be the same old thingStepped in the class and the college bell rangIt to be nothin I could do, ns tried come explainBut the teacher cure me prefer I was playin a gameYOU shed YOU shed - the day was a no winI learned come never miss out on my bus againI let go the bus I to let go the busI missed the bus And that is somethin I will certainly never ever ever do again

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Kris Kross Kris Kross was an American laboratory duo the the 1990s comprising Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith. The duo are ideal known for their hit 1992 tune "Jump", which was #1 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 for eight weeks and was certified twin platinum as a single. Kris Kross was also provided for your fashion style, which contained wearing their clothing backwards.

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The duo sang the "Rugrats Rap" for Nickelodeon in 1993. Much more »