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Animal stories for Kids: Coyote Peterson"s Brave Adventures: Wild pets in a Wild World chronicles some of the wildest to meet Coyote Peterson has had over the food of his travels. The stories start with his an initial snapping turtle capture as a kid and lead under a trace of tremendous moments he and also his camera crew have had while filming their Brave Wilderness shows. From a giant alligator that nearly caught Coyote in its bone crushing jaws, come an 800 lb Grizzly be affected by each other that helped him teach the audience what to do and also NOT perform if you ever encounter one of these huge predators in the wild, every tale is laced with quick paced action and daring adventure. V the existence of danger often looming for Coyote, each story reminds the reader that animals rule the wild locations of this planet, and if us respect them from a for sure distance, also the most frightening creatures are more likely to be fear of united state than we should ever be the them.

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Exciting animal stories for kids of every ages: This repertoire of quick stories aims to provide the leader a first-person perspective into some that Coyote’s many harrowing and heartwarming adventures.


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Coyote Peterson, hold of the Brave Wilderness YouTube Channel and the Emmy compensation winning show, break Trail, is one avid adventurer and also animal expert. because childhood pets have play a huge role in his life. Every among them, native the bizarre come the deadly, have led that on many pursuits to understand their true nature and also develop one appreciation because that the incredible habitats they contact home. His score is to make animal conservation and education entertaining for the following wave that explorers and to more promote the compassion and welfare because that the natural human being through the curiosity the provokes.

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Table the Contents

Chapter 1: It started with a Dragon - in ~ the period of 8 year old, Coyote Peterson captures his very first 50 lb snapping turtle and also begins his life the animals and also adventure! chapter 2: whereby the Buffalos fee - lost in the wilds of southern Dakota in ~ the age of 12 year old, Coyote Peterson encounters and also is chased through an angry Buffalo. Chapter 3: snake Island - secret exists in the unknown as Coyote Peterson kayaks to an uninhabited island top top Lake Erie just to uncover that the is over operation by snakes. Thing 4: Sunrise ~ above Gila Monster mountain - The Sonoran Desert is house to the poisonous Gila Monster and Coyote Peterson is about to go face to confront with it! chapter 5: Jaws the the Everglades - Dinosaurs exist deep in the swamps of southerly Florida and Coyote Peterson captures one in the type of a 300lb alligator. Thing 6: Grizzly Attack! - Montana is residence of the Grizzly Bear, if you conference one would you know what to do? Coyote Peterson and also Adam the bear will display you! thing 7: Swimming with Giants - Coyote Peterson walk under water to get up close v a tenderness giant, the Florida Manatee. Thing 8: caught by a Collared Lizard - The more quickly lizard in the west has been caught?or did it catch Coyote? chapter 9: Rainbow Trout Rescue Mission - as soon as a beautiful trout is marooned in a shallow swimming pool of water, Coyote will certainly do whatever it take away to conserve this fish?s life. Thing 10: Beast of the Bayou ? Louisiana?s rivers are home to the giant alligator snapping turtle?and Coyote Peterson dangerously dives in to record one in ~ night.