Many gamers have recently gained an error as soon as they’re playing gamings like Wolfenstein 2. The game crashes and also an error pops up saying: Could not create crash dump. But in fact, there space still some options that can help you eliminate the error.

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Why go this error occur? for now many of players gained this error when playing Wolfenstein 2, and also the most common reason is the graphic card worry in her computer. Another feasible reason is the improper setups in her game. Occasionally it’s hard to recognize the precise cause, but you can still shot the remedies to deal with the problem.

Try this fixes

Here room some fixes for you come try. You shouldn’t have actually to try them all. Just shot each one consequently until everything’s functioning again.

Fix 1. Install the latest game patches

The game developer keeps release the to update to deal with the bugs and also improve the video game experience, so girlfriend should examine whether there’s any update for the game that’s providing the error, and also update it to the recent version.

For example, I’m having actually the “Could not write crash dump” error in Wolfenstein II: The brand-new Colossus, therefore I examine the Wolfenstein II update in Steam or native the Wolfenstein website, and install the latest game patches to store the video game up come date.

After updating, restart her computer and launch the game to see if it works now.

Note: You should install the official released to update to stop the potential threats to your computer.

Fix 2. Update your graphics map driver

The absent or outdated graphics card driver can cause “Could not create crash dump” error in Wolfenstein 2, so girlfriend should inspect your graphics card driver in her computer, and also update it come the latest version.

You deserve to manually update all the chauffeurs in your computer by in search of the latest motorists from the manufacturer’s website and also installing it in your computer. This requires time and also computer skills.

If friend don’t have time or patience, you deserve to do it immediately with Driver Easy.

Driver easy will immediately recognize her system and find the correct vehicle drivers for it. You don’t have to know specifically what mechanism your computer system is running, girlfriend don’t should risk downloading and installing the not correct driver, and you don’t must worry around making a mistake when installing.

You deserve to update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version the Driver Easy. But with the Pro variation it takes just 2 clicks (and you get full support and also a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and install drive Easy.

2) operation Driver Easy and also click the Scan Now button. Driver straightforward will climate scan your computer and also detect any type of problem drivers.


3) Click the Update button beside the flagged graphic driver to instantly download the correct version the this driver (you deserve to do this v the FREE version), then install it in her computer.

Or click Update All the automatically download and install the correct version of all the motorists that are absent or the end of day on your system (this needs the pro version – you will do it be triggered to upgrade once you click Update All).


4) after ~ updating, restart her computer, and open the game to check out if that works.

Install the GeForce Hotfix Driver if you’re using NVIDIA graphic card

If you’re using the NVIDIA graphics map in your computer, after updating your dedicated graphics map driver, girlfriend should additionally download the GeForce Hotfix Driver from the NVIDIA download page, and install that in your computer. Make certain to download the one that is matched v your windows OS system.

This need to resolve the video game error. If the problem still persists, don’t worry. We have other solutions for you come try.

Fix 3. Configure the settings in Steam

The incorrect settings in your vapor may cause the “Could not write crash dump” error in Wolfenstein 2, so you should inspect the following setup in your Steam:

Step 1:

1) walk to the vapor .exe paper where friend downloaded and saved steam in your computer.

2) appropriate click SteamSetup.exe, and also select Properties.


3) Click the Compatibility tab.


4) check the box next to Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:, and also make sure Application is selected in the list.


5) Click Apply and OK to conserve the setting.


6) Restart her computer, open up Steam and launch Wolfenstein 2 to view if the error is removed.

Step 2: 

You should likewise go to Video > Advanced and readjust Image Streaming to Low.

This should resolve the crash concern in her computer. If the error tho appears, don’t worry. We have other services for you come try.

Fix 4. Disable Async Compute

This is a solution said by Bethesda. If you have actually the hardware that meets the minimum specs, and also your graphics map driver is as much as date, girlfriend can shot to disable async compute to settle the “Could not write crash dump” error in Wolfenstein 2. To execute so, monitor the indict below:

1) run the game in Safe setting or exit the game.

2) Delete the config file indigenous this folder:

C:UsersUsernameSaved GamesMachineGamesWolfenstein II The brand-new ColossusaseWolfenstein II The new ColossusConfig.local


3) Close under all the applications running in the background.

4) If you have actually a supported i5 or i7 CPU, leave the title, disable igpu prior to playing.

5) Restart your computer, and re-open your game to play.

Fix 5. In the interim disable your graphics card device

This is a quick tip presented by some steam users who had actually the exact same issue. And it functions for many heavy steam users. Girlfriend can provide it a try by complying with the procedures below:

1) open Device Manager in your computer system (run devmgmt.msc in the Run box).

2) expand Display adapters.


3) Right click on your graphics card, and select Disable device. Then click Yes to confirm.


4) nearby Device Manager, and open your video game again to see if the error disappears.

Hope this fix your Wolfenstein 2 crash recording issue.

That’s that – the settle easy techniques to resolve the “Could not write crash dump” error in Wolfenstein 2. Hope it helps.

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