I got an error ~ above Xcode saying that there to be no information around the check out controller.

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Could not insert brand-new outlet connection: can not find any type of information because that the course named

Why is this happening?


Here space some things that deserve to fix this (in increasing order of difficulty):

Clean the job (Product > Clean)

Completely near Xcode and restart her project.

Delete the derived Data folder (Go come Xcode > Preferences > Locations and also click the gray arrowhead by the derived Data folder. Climate delete your job folder.)

None the the tips in the finest answer functioned for me. To be going crazy. Climate noticed that the Assistant Editor had actually somehow gotten set to Manual and I to be on the ViewController.swift (Interface) instead of the ViewController.swift file.

Changed that and also problem solved. A little embarrassing but hey, we are all learning.


I had actually the exact same issue. I tired below solutions however didn’t operated :

Clean project (cmd + transition + k) and even Clean Project construct (cmd + change + alt + k)Deleted acquired data and also Module Cache content

Below workaround to this issue :

Move to resource code record and create the IBOutlet / IBAction manually (copy dough preferred)


Then relocate to Storyboard paper and open up Utilites window Goto connection InspectorThen connect the IBOutlet and IBAction written in source document with interface Builder.

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I had the same problem. I realised than in X-Code hands-on item was selected when I make the efforts to produce an outlet by control-drag


After I set it to automatic it worked



I selected Automatic option to select the ViewController.swift file. And then I can able to take outlets.