ns am having actually an concern when to run queries or save on computer procedures. Every time I operation a query I acquire the following error:

Could not continue scan v NOLOCK because of data movement.

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If I eliminate the v NOLOCK command, I get a various error:

Msg 824, Level 24, State 2, line 1

SQL Server detect a reasonable consistency-based I/O error: not correct pageid (expected 1:19818941; really 1:19818957). It developed during a read of page (1:19818941) in database id 9 at balance out 0x000025cd37a000 in file "E:\SQLDATA\MSCRM.mdf". Extr messages in the SQL Server error log in or system event log might provide more detail. This is a serious error problem that intimidates database integrity and must be corrected immediately. Finish a complete database consistency examine (DBCC CHECKDB). This error have the right to be resulted in by many factors; for an ext information, check out SQL Server books Online.

What must I do to settle this error?

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Michael Liu
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First, obviously, try DBCC CHECKDB.

If that cannot solve the issue, you might need to restore from a backup and then manually copy over the most recent changes. Hopefully you have actually been doing nightly backups... ?

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