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» have the right to I visit Nicaragua there is no a visa?

Elia Maria
What a disgraceHow shameful the one is available at any kind of of this nation consulates. Wow this countrystill resides in 20 century, similar to their politicians.Shame, shame,
christina leung
apply because that tourist visa come Nicaragua through cruise ship for holder of Honkong SAR passport
Do I require to apply a visa?
What sort of consulate space you? you have human being in need and also you don"t also bother come answer anything, shame on you! You know what, you probably don"t also read any of it,so what"s the suggest of this web page if its not operated by the Consulate General?
your better off avoiding by
Dont waste her time calling you will never hear back. Your far better off going come Nicaragua yourself to obtain serviced.

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Max J. Moreno-Madriñán
Hello,I to be from Colombia and would like to check if I perform not need a visa to enter into the country. Please let me recognize .
Find out nicaragua ssi
I shot for weeks contact them voice letter no response. All I require if I need a appointment to discover out just how to obtain my society Security and also Nicaragua Embassy.
Question around Business Visa Form
I have actually been looking v the website for the Visa type to visit Nicaragua because that my conference. However, I have actually not been able to discover it. I would appreciate the if girlfriend could administer that details on her website.
Greetings, mine wife and I very own 25 acres of floor on the Rio san Juan (RSJ ) a couple of minutes down river indigenous El Castillo. We have planted 3000 teak tree to start the farm yard on the land, and will be planting other crops (food) as well. Ns would prefer to obtain visa info for the organization owner visa, detailing the requirements,expectations, and any limitations that apply. We would like to execute aquaponics as a food growing method, and also would prefer to uncover do out if there are constraints on this kind of endeavor on the RSJ. Give thanks to you, Mitchell
Lost my passport
Dear consolate the nicaragua,I lost my passport. I have actually been calling the number for the consolate that nicaragua come no avail. Ns never obtain an answer.. Please deserve to someone give me advise as to what to carry out or how to set and appointment. Ns live in lengthy island so traveling to the city is abit hard for me so thats why ns would prefer to collection an allointment..

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