Season X, week 8 has arrived and also with it come the ‘Storm Racers’ mission. This mission is focused on storm and mobility associated challenges. This article focuses on the sixth challenge in the mission: ‘Complete A Time Trial east Of satisfied Park Or southern West Of salty Springs’. Since this is the sixth an obstacle in the set, you’ll need to complete three normal setting challenges first to access it.

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Below is a map with both time trial places circled in red.

Time attempt Locations


You’ll find this time attempt southwest of braided Springs, ~ above the border of grassland and also snow, below the hill through a telescope atop it. E7 top top the main map’s grid.

Unlike many challenges, narrowing down their specific location no the daunting part, completing the time trial is the trickier of the two. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the means of advice here, simply make sure you deserve to handle a Driftboard well enough. Remember you only need to finish one that the 2 on offer, for this reason if you struggling through one, it can be a good idea to check out your various other option.

Completing all normal mode challenges reward the ‘Gameplan’ backbling, which is a simulacrum the the original 90s game Boy.

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