Owning a Keurig means you no longer have to think about wrangling filters and ground coffee bean every morning. But many of united state are probably guilty of not thinking about cleaning it either — and that thing can gain dirty. Prefer all coffee makers and also pod coffee systems, Keurigs have the right to serve as a breeding ground because that harmful bacteria and also mold if not regularly cleaned. Grossed out? united state too.

We asked Carolyn Forte, director of the an excellent Housekeeping Institute cleaning Lab, because that advice on how to maintain your go-to morning machine. Start by purchase the adhering to cleaning essentials, climate follow the timeline listed below for how frequently you need to clean every part of your brewer.

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What you"ll need:






Every week:

Ideally, you"ll want to wash the removable components of your maker on a weekly basis.

Unplug the machine.Disassemble the water reservoir, lid, mug tray, and K-cup holder. Clean the mug tray and K-cup holder in warmth soapy water. For the water reservoir and lid, eliminate the water filter, then wipe the surfaces v a damp, soapy cloth. To wash the reservoir and also lid with water and let air dried — girlfriend don"t desire to dry it through a cloth because this can leave lint behind. Wipe down the exterior surface with a wet sponge. Change all the removable parts and plug the machine back in.

Every 2 months:

Replace the water filter cartridge to save your coffee fresh every other month.

Wash the mesh of the lower filter holder.Insert the cartridge into the upper filter holder, and also snap on the lid. Finally, placed it ago into your reservoir and lock it into place.
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Every three to 6 months:

Descale your machine come remove tough water minerals that can develop up over time, which could affect how fine it works.

Start the brew cycle there is no a K-cup and let the device run as usual, using a mug to catch the liquid. Store repeating this process until the add WATER indicator is illuminated. Let the brewer remainder for 30 minutes.Empty and rinse the reservoir thoroughly. Fill it to the MAX line through fresh water and also perform 12 rinsing brews making use of the biggest cup size to remove any kind of traces of vinegar or descaling solution.Brew coffee as usual.

As needed:

When you watch grounds in your K-cup holder, eliminate them v a sponge to prevent them from finishing up in your beverage morning morning. If you"re having actually trouble brewing, over there may also be coffee grounds stuck in the needles, which beat the entrance and also exit point out the water operation through.

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To clean Keurig needles, first unplug the machine. Then, Keurig recommends closely using a paperclip to clean away any kind of clogging debris lodged in the needles before rinsing. (See wherein to discover them in this video.) for a Keurig 2.0, you have the right to use the Keurig brewer maintain accessory instead.

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As lengthy as friend follow this steps, girlfriend won"t have to worry around anything other than coffee being in your morning brew (well, unless you prefer yours through milk and also sugar, the is).

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