Okay so I have actually received a the majority of questions about the super Magical Chest in rwcchristchurchappeal.com Royale lately. Let’s take it a look in ~ this big baby today. Ns am walking to define everything about it because that you!

Everything around rwcchristchurchappeal.com Royale at sight Magical Chest

The supervisor Magical Chest contains a many of an ext rewards 보다 all various other ones (Silver, Gold, Magical…). All chests in rwcchristchurchappeal.com Royale nothing drop randomly, they follow a specific pattern (you deserve to read much more at here), other than this one, it is a little bit different.Players get 1 at sight Magical Chest for every 500 chests acquired through the consistent cycle. The SMC has a opportunity of dropping anytime within the 500 chest bicycle once.You will still stay on the cycle and you will certainly not get an additional Super miracle Chest until the 500-chest cycle is finished. This 500-chest bike starts once you reaches 400 trophies, which means you can’t get any kind of SMC If you are always below 400. As soon as you acquired into the cycle, it never ever stops, even when friend dip listed below 400 trophies.For example, If you gain the supervisor Magical Chest at the point out #1, girlfriend will continue to be in the cycle for the following 499 chests. You will not get anoter super Magical Chest for at least 499 chests. In the worst case, you can receive the following Super miracle Chest ~ the next 998 chests.As normal, free Chest and also Crown Chest room not a component of SMC cycle.No issue when you gain the SMC, It never ever reset the 500-chest cycle.

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Shared by Yarnn indigenous Orange Juice, much more details can be watched in the video below:
What walk the super Magical Chest contain?A the majority of stuffs! yet they are totally based ~ above the Arena when you open it. I have actually a chart here for friend so you deserve to imagine it easier:
ArenaGuaranteed GoldTotal CardsGuaranteed CardsGoblin Stadium900-1,2601806 Epics + 36 RaresBone Pit1,215-1,7012438 Epics + 48 RaresBarbarian Bowl1,530-2,14230610 Epics + 61 RaresP.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse1,800-2,52036012 Epics + 72 RaresSpell Valley2,070-2,89841413 Epics + 82 RaresBuilder’s Workshop2,340-3,27646815 Epics + 93 RaresRoyal Arena2,610-3,65452217 Epics + 104 RaresFrozen Peak2,880-4,03257619 Epics + 115 RaresLegendary Arena3,420-4,78868422 Epics + 136 Rares

The screenshots listed below are common by wb81. He gained 1 X-Bow, 1 Skeleton Army, 2 gigantic Skeleton, 3 Freeze, 5 Witch, 72 Inferno Tower, 276 concealed Tesla and also 2489 Gold as soon as open this chest in Arena 4. Awesome!

Hopefully girlfriend guys found this helpful. Please ask me noþeles whenever friend want due to the fact that it’s my pleasure to assist you!
Sorry guys! naught here!I am simply an editor male with zero knowledge about this amazing game.Want to have your own writer box? call me as soon as you have more than 5 write-ups posted!

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