The list of Jericho will live on infamy v these 10 hilarious memes! examine out the ideal & funniest memes about Chris Jericho"s list!

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kris Jericho refers to himself together the G.O.A.T and also many wrestles fans carry out agree. That has listed many memorable matches. That has additionally given fans many humorous moments that have originated native his promos and gimmicks that offered rise to a sea of memes.

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one of the many notable gimmicks of his job is the "List that Jericho" gimmick wherein he would certainly write the names of other wrestlers for different reasons. As the gimmick acquired popularity, the fans were treated to hilarious memes featuring Jericho and also The List.


10 Stupid you are fool Spotted

back the existing AEW pan would recognize him as "Le Champion," Y2J kris Jericho has once controlled to gain over through the WWE crowd v a pen click. Yes, a click and the word "it" together a part of his "List that Jericho" gimmick. He would certainly list out all the "stupid idiots" that disrespected the or who room just...stupid idiots.

This picture depicts the kris Jericho stare as soon as he clues a stupid idiot who is bound to end up top top the list.

9 Happy Birthday, Chris!

The fans have actually seen a wrestler"s birthday being celebrated after the display goes off the air or in a live event. Most notable ones space that of john Cena, cm Punk, R-Truth, and even The Rock and Hulk Hogan on live tv for storyline purposes.

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many of castle wouldn"t mental if the fans don"t great them a "Happy birthday" unless it"s time for Jericho come blow out the candles. The pan make sure they great him a "Happy birthday" with the are afraid of ending up on the dreaded list. At least, that"s what the image says.


8 tide Pod

The birds Pod an obstacle left everyone in shock in the latter component of the critical decade whereby YouTubers and also college students would document themselves eat tide ford that looked like vivid candies. Not Candice, people. Candies.

tide pod eaters have finished up in the hospital before and also now they it seems ~ to have made their way to the very first page in the list of Jericho. That"s an absurd method to acquire on the list and Chris walk look pissed.

7 Foley simply Got... It

chris Jericho has been famous for his innovative rings experiences. He founded the Money In The financial institution ladder enhance which achieved massive success. His gates with a light jacket stay iconic to now while over there is a different fanbase because that his catchphrases.

follow to this meme, Mick Foley tried poking the Ayatollah of rock N Rolla with this tweet. Jericho responded by putting him on the list since the idea the a glowing title belt to be stupid (although Naomi made it a reality) and also so was Foley.


6 Important!!!

be it a face or a heel gimmick, when Jericho speaks, people listen. The carries this cocky mindset with him the fits perfectly v the character he is illustrating in the ring and the fans love the town hall him.

Jericho does his best work as a heel. He would go ~ above to put ridiculous name on the list choose AJ Styles" soccer mom hairstyle and Tom Brady that is not also a part of the company. The pan shouldn"t it is in surprised if they meet Chris and also end increase on the list.

5 be A Star

WWE has been very vocal about its anti-bullying project encouraging youngsters to stand as much as bullying and be a star. This image would have actually made perfect sense if a face Jericho promotes their project during one of his promos or storylines. The quiet son be like, "Bully, you simply made the list!" Quiet boy - 1. Bully - 0.


4 What If?

external the ring, kris Jericho is the command singer that a absent band referred to as Fozzy, with a named motivated by Ozzy Osbourne. His present AEW entrance design template Judas is a song performed by the band and also his finisher The Judas impact takes incentive from the name.

just how was Jericho maybe to concentrate on his band and wrestling at the very same time? This meme appears to have discovered the answer and it"s a pretty exceptional one too. Jericho maintains a long list consisting of other things too.

3 Click Bait, You know What Happens?

human being surfing top top the internet have been victims of clickbait on much more than one occasion. Clickbaits space deceptive and/or misleading that attract world to browse with their content.

This meme mirrors a frustrated chris who provides sure the human being that posted the clickbait it s okay his surname posted ~ above the list of Jericho.


2 The Drink of Jericho

after ~ winning AEW civilization Championship in ~ All Out, Jericho cut an improvised promo backstage when talking around his victory and also calling the paramedics "morons" as they were however to attend to his injuries before reaching the catering area. This is wherein he blurted the end "A little bit of the bubbly" and the internet instantly flooded through its memes.

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This picture wisely bring both the list and also the bubbly with each other in i beg your pardon the waiter forgets the drink of Jericho. Rightfully so, he just made the list!

1 just how Bow Dah!

September 2016 can have created one that the finest memes ever before with the girl in the photo lashing the end at the crowd who were reacting negatively to her on an episode of Dr. Phil. She do statements around her stealing her mother"s car and also credit card for shopping before blurting out this phrase. What she expected was to go talk to she outside and also solve the concern with your fists.

However, she doesn"t it seems to be ~ to recognize what happens as soon as one steals your mother"s car and credit card. In Jericho"s words, "She"s about to gain ... It."

*Clicks Pen* She just made the list. Just how Bow Dah?

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