Firecrackers, dragon dancing, unique sweets and of course lucky envelopes. Ns cannot wait! I\"ve been acquiring the residence ready v red and also gold Tet decorations. There is a dragon hanging from the walkway leading right into the kitchen and a pair of golden monkeys sit on the mantle in the life room. Between preparations because that Parker\"s birthday party and also Lunar brand-new Year I\"m feeling really festive!Below is a list of Lunar brand-new Year celebrations in san Diego (and a pair in Orange County).Happy Year that the Monkey to all my readers! ns hope this year bring you good health, love and also prosperity.

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Lunar brand-new Year in ~ SeaworldSaturday, January 30 - Sunday, February 21Seaworld san DiegoAdmission: totally free for those born in the Year of the Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1980, 1992 or 2004). Must have valid ID. Just valid February 6-8. that China Year of the Monkey CelebrationSunday, January 31Jasmine Seafood Restaurant4609 Convoy Street A 92111Admission: $50 Diego Library Lunar brand-new Year CelebrationsWednesday, February 34S Ranch LibrarySan Marcos Library community Chinese brand-new Year CelebrationSaturday, February 6Barnard oriental Pacific Language Academy2445 Fogg Street 92109Admission: Free. Carnival ride ticket are secondary cost. annual San Diego Tet FestivalFriday, February 12 - Sunday, February 14Mira Mesa community Park8575 brand-new Salem Street 92126Admission: Free. Carnival ride ticket are secondary cost.
34th yearly San Diego Chinese new year Food and cultural FairSaturday, February 13 - Sunday, February 14Downtown mountain DiegoThird Avenue and J StreetAdmission: Free you room willing come drive around an hour north, you have the right to find large lunar new year festivals in Orange County.2016 OC Tet FestivalFriday, February 12 - Sunday, February 14Mile Square Park16801 Euclid Street 92708Admission: Free FestivalFriday, February 12 - Sunday, February 14Admission: $5 for 1-day admission. $13 because that 3-day admission.OC fair & occasion Center88 Fair journey 92626 the you\"ve read the list, wherein will friend be celebrate the Year of the Monkey?
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