“This soil is her Land,” the American folk standard written through Woody Guthrie, has become the unofficialize rallying track for dissenters of president Donald Trump’s travel ban. Protestors sang it in ~ airports such as Dulles and LAX, the day after the executive order calling for the half was signed.

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But even prior to Trump to be elected and the take trip ban resulted in airport protests, psychedelic Latino band Chicano Batman had actually partnered with the whiskey brand Johnnie walker to cover the song for an ad campaign. The video for the song was shooting in the historically Mexican-American ar in LA, Boyle Heights.

In this interview, Chicano Batman members Carlos Arévalo and also Eduardo Arenas talk around what the song means to them, what it means that they partnered with a brand to spread their message, their new album and the duty of a musician in today’s politics climate.

Chicano Batman’s new album, Freedom Is Free, will certainly be out March 3.

Featured image, courtesy of Chicano Batman

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