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Located in Keene, Fletcher Funeral Home and Cremation Services has served Cheshire County, brand-new Hampshire, because that over 100 years. We carry out thoughtful funeral and also cremation solutions to the top Ashuelot river area and also are proud of our well-off heritage.

Locally respected, compassionate care

Our funeral directors and support staff space committed to providing each family members with a level of company that not only honors the life and memory of those entrusted come our care, but additionally encompasses every family"s distinctive values, requests and traditions. Our expertise of the area and also its residents permits us to architecture each business with personalized care. It"s this emphasis that helps families feel they space working v someone castle know and have confidence in, providing an added level the comfort.

Steadfast commitment

It"s this commitment come our ar that keeps our priorities set on caring for each family members we meet, providing one-on-one attention in your time that need. We know the affect of shedding a loved one and offer each family members comfort and guidance during this emotional experience.

Funerals v a personal touch

One way we carry out this is v personalized funeral and cremation solutions that celebrate the story that life—the memories, passions and also loved ones that lug us through our journey. As soon as you select Fletcher Funeral Home and also Cremation Services, our staff will help you call this story together we honor her loved one"s life. Us welcome ideas and also turn those right into a lasting funeral or memorial organization that tote on your legacy.

Those who wish to plan ahead their organization have the same alternatives as well together the capacity to manage funeral prices and an individual preferences. We"ll take your passions, accomplishments and ideas, and create a meaningful tribute the honors your life when relieving her family"s load of making these decisions throughout a an overwhelming time.

A heat welcome

At Fletcher Funeral Home and also Cremation Services, our staff room either irreversible employees or generational in the Keene area. As your neighbors, we recognize the needs of ours community and strive to deliver care beyond your expectations. Please call us come learn an ext about our funeral home in Keene or to obtain information around funerals and also cremations in Cheshire County.


Fletcher Funeral Home and also Cremation solutions in Keene, new Hampshire, offers burial and cremation solutions with a focus on high quality care. Ours funeral home and cremation services had an early start in the 1900s ~ above Davis Street when Charles Fletcher observed the needs within the cultivation community.

Relocation and renovation

In 1933, ours funeral house relocated to its present location at 33 Marlboro St. We moved into a mid-1800s colonial farmhouse that still houses the facility today. End the next 70-plus years, restoration, renovation and additions have developed the building that stand now, serving family members well into the future. In addition, the building still maintains the aesthetic appearance and also historical integrity our funeral residence was founded on.

Sharing traditions

In 1957, Fletcher marketed the organization to i get it O. Schick, who ongoing to operation Fletcher Funeral Home and Cremation services with the very same attention to information for the following 18 years. He then passed along the heritages of Fletcher Funeral Home and also Cremation solutions by marketing it to cutting board R. Eaton in 1975.

Under Eaton’s ownership, the funeral home"s call in Keene ongoing to grow. With an ext renovations and the building of an additional chapel area, Fletcher Funeral Home and Cremation services was poised come become among the region’s many respected and also capable funeral company providers. After almost 25 year of providing for the families of the region, Eaton sold the funeral home.

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Today, we’re proud to it is in a member that the Dignity Memorial® network the funeral, cremation and cemetery organization providers. Still managed and operated through the same committed and local staff, Fletcher Funeral Home and also Cremation services plans to continue to serve and also honor the family members of our areas for years to come.