The men and women that CJC proudly offer the communities of Blue Springs, grain Valley, Lake Tapawingo, and also some surrounding unincorporated Jackson County. This includes business for about 80,000 residents, 1900 businesses, and visitors.

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We currently staff 4 engines, a ladder truck, and 5 ambulances native 5 stations. There are 36 firefighters assigned to each of 3 24 shifts. All firefighters room either EMT or Paramedic trained and certified in simple hazardous products response.

Community hazard Reduction – Fire

The Fire Prevention department of our ar Risk Reduction office designs program to mitigate life and property loss v fire inspections, publicly fire safety education, and fire origin and also causes investigation.

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Community risk Reduction – EMS

CJCares, a regimen operated by our neighborhood Risk palliation – EMS Division, is an initiative to “right size” care and assistance for the world we protect. By addressing unmet non-emergency requirements we can frequently prevent the situation requiring emergency response.

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The central Jackson county Fire defense District has developed a state of the arts training and education facility.

Our facility contains a live burn structure used for points such as search and rescue, rappelling, and live fire cultivate experiences. 

Certified EMS Training

The CJC Emergency medical training division offers certified training because that emergency clinical technicians and paramedics and also provides other EMS associated programs together as breakthrough Cardiac Life support (ACLS) and Emergency Pediatric care (EPC). Every classes administer the an abilities and expertise needed to an obstacle agency, state, or national testing.

Ems training Course

Responding to 8000 Calls each Year

CJC responds to roughly 8,000 calls for help per year for fires, emergency clinical care, hazardous materials incidents, and also heavy rescue needs.

Technical Rescue Team

The CJC hefty rescue team is trained and equipped for events caused by structure collapse, ice cream events, limit spaces, swift water, and also high key emergencies. The team is consisted of of 30 members and also is not only one of 4 teams that are regional assets yet can also be provided in statewide and also national level emergencies such as the tornado in Joplin and the floods in Houston.

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Haz Mat Team

The CJC Haz Mat Team is trained come respond to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and also explosive hazards. The Tri-District Haz Mat an answer Team is a cooperative in between CJC, Sni sink Fire defense District, and Fort Osage Fire protection District. The Tri-District team is just one of 7 local response teams and also can be used as a statewide asset.