This basic magic cheat is all around storytelling — and also a tiny sleight of hand.

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Here room the actions to do the 4 Thieves card Trick or watch the video clip to check out the magic in action.


STEP 1: begin with four jacks in your hand, showing the audience the cards.

What you say: “These 4 jacks are understand thieves. The deck is a well known museum.”


STEP 2: place the jacks face down on height of the deck.

What friend Say: “The theif helicopter ~ above the museum’s roof.”


STEP 3: illustration from the top, insert one card into the deck close to the bottom, one close to the middle and also one close to the top.

What friend Say: “The first thief goes to the an initial floor for paintings. The 2nd thief goes to the 2nd floor for sculptures, and the third thief goes to the 3rd floor for historic artifacts.”


STEP 4: upper and lower reversal the final card, revealing the last jack.

What you Say: “The last thief stays on the roof together a lookout.”


STEP 5: use that jack come tap the optimal of the deck and “summon” the remainder of the jacks.

What girlfriend Say: Suddenly, the fourth thief hears the strategy of sirens. That calls his other thieves back up to the roof.


STEP 6: when you revolve over the next three cards, you’ll see the jacks have magically jumped come the top.

What you Say: They acquire away simply in time.

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The cheat actually needs seven cards: the four jacks and three random cards. Before your audience is watching, fan out the four jacks in her hand. Behind those cards, covert from the audience, space the 3 random cards. You’ll ar all 7 cards face down ~ above the optimal of the deck.

When you tell the audience the jacks are going into the deck, you’re actually inserting the arbitrarily cards, leave the jacks at the optimal of the deck the entire time. Voila!