My 2007 Hyundai Accent has actually a bizarre problem. My vehicle won’t start after obtaining gas unless I boring the gas pedal when cranking.

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Other days that starts best up, however whenever I include fresh gas the has problems starting. It doesn’t matter just how much gas is in the tank, and there is no inspect engine light.

Turns the end this weird problem also happened to others that very own Accents, Sonatas, and other vehicles, and also there might be a couple of fixes. This write-up explains what might be leading to your auto to not start after gaining gas, what might fix it, and how ns approached this problem on my Accent.


What to perform If Your vehicle Won’t start After gaining Gas and also Its Potential Causes

Troubleshoot by pour it until it is full Up Under different Gas Fill-Up Scenarios

I work-related with some knowledgeable people here at 1A Auto, therefore after share this through them, they offered me a some tests to check there wasn’t an outside cause.

Before security money on parts, try testing under various scenarios:

Try different gas stationsSlowly eliminate the gas capDon’t location the gas nozzle in all the wayFill up to different amountsDrive various distances prior to filling up (e.g. One mile, ten miles, twenty miles, etc.)Try starting the engine in different temperatures

None the these choices fixed the start-up problem, and some that our experts had never heard of this happening.

These components May cause Your vehicle to Not start After gaining Gas

Our experts suggested a part in the fuel and emissions device like the fuel pump, gas cap, fuel line, or another part like the purge valve can be the cause. After browsing online, I found threads ~ above Hyundai-Forums.com and CarGurus.com v others who had this exact issue with mine car and solved the by instead of the vapor canister purge control valve. Due to the fact that most the the human being had success with this replacement, ns took a chance.

How I replaced the Purge regulate Valve top top the 2005 come 2010 Hyundai Accent

You can discover the purge manage valve best behind the throttle body.


It was relatively easy to replace and also took around 10-20 minutes.


Replacing the Purge manage Valve

Loosen both water tap clamps top top the wait intake tubeUnclip the air box housing clipsLift the waiting filter real estate cover and remove the wait intake tube from the coverLoosen the vacuum water tap clamp through needle sleep pliersDisconnect the vacuum hose from the wait intake tubeRemove the air intake tube from the accelerator bodyDisconnect the connectors from the purge valveLoosen the hose clamp top top the fuel hose, connected to the purge valveRemove the hose from the purge valveRelease the purge valve indigenous the bracketLoosen the water tap clamp ~ above the fuel hose linked to the purge valveRemove the hose from the purge valveRemove the purge valve

Reinstall is a reverse of the actions above.

Now My auto Starts After getting Gas

After I replaced the purge control valve, she starts up fine.

Since mine valve was stuck open, the purge valve sent out fuel vapor into the engine at start up. Excess fuel vapor gathered in the engine, flooding it before start-up. This explains the have to depress the gas pedal, which opens up the throttle body up and brings in the extra air needed for combustion.

So great luck! This can not work for everyone, but for me and also many rather this addressed a unique problem.

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Replace Fuel and Emissions parts Yourself

Browse lots of how-to videos and also learn how to diagnose and also replace fuel and also emissions components yourself from 1A Auto’s how-to video library.