Captain Kirk likes to rise mountains.

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In Star Trek V: The last Frontier, the movie starts v Captain Kirk many of the method up a free solo climb of El Capitan. The course, Spock needs to mess things up by showing up in his jet boots.We"ve posted this clip in the past, however we"ve never had William Shatner"s commentary on the scene before. It"s pretty funny. William Shatner is clearly not a climber.So prior to we look in ~ Mr. Shatner"s comments on climbing, we have the scene from Star Trek V to refresh your memories:This is the clip wherein William Shatner explains that hill climbers prefer to hug and make love to the mountain:And this is the remix the the clip fashioned together a musical:Yep, Captain Kirk certain does prefer to rise mountains!--Jason D. Martin
Posted byJason Martinat6:00 AM

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This is so silly at type of provides sense. I think I do want to make love come the mountain.

September 21, 2012 at 3:43 PM

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